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XM review | About reputation and safety

First of all, if you explain about "XMTrading", it can be said that "Because the customer is analyzed very well and the product development is done, the total power is comparable to the domestic supplier" . There are a large number of trader users, and their popularity is due to the following characteristics. Good Leverage up to 888 times, required margin from about 1 yen Adoption of highly transparent NDD method and high execution rate Receive 100% deposit bonus and expensive cash back Support, seminars and information services We have a good support for beginners Corporate safety is very high We adopt zero ...

Forex review

FxPro Review|Reputation and Safety

FxPro is a long-established company among FX companies established in 2006. With a capital of $ 100 million, more than 200 employees, the world's largest accounting firm "PwC" with external audits in Japan, and more than 610,000 accounts in 173 countries around the world, both business scale and management base are perfect. However, spreads are wide and they are notorious for price adjustment. Pros Leverage up to 500 times Abundant 69 kinds of currency pairs Zero cut adopted, no additional certification cTrader can be used Highly transparent transactions by the NDD STP method Cons No bonus or campaign Account of ...

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IronFX review | Reputation and Safety

IronFX is mainly characterized by high swap points, so it is suitable for medium- and long-term trading, and it is possible to trade ECNs with free trading fee and narrow spread. However, we can not recommend IronFX very much on our site, as it is a company with extremely high credit risk, with past demonstrations in China and litigation problems occurring around the world. With a small amount of speculative trading, the damage can be minimized if anything happens, but the first deposit is cheap for DD accounts, that is, relative trading. Given that ECN accounts are high on first ...

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FBS Review|Reputation and Safety

"FBS" is a notable vendor that is gaining in popularity because of the account type, rich bonus system, and NDD system that allows orders of 95% or more to be executed within 0.4 seconds. Pros Up to 3,000 times leverage (standard zero spread account) Initial deposit from $1 (cents account) Including the payment of 100% bonus campaign rich wealth Highly transparent NDD scheme For zero cut adopted Trust preservation system supported Cons Few currency pair is and supports 37 stocks at the maximum Transaction fee is high Very few swaps There are limitations to bonus accounts The official site of ...

Forex review

HotForex Review|Reputation and Safety

"HotForex" is a leading European forex broker that has been used by many traders since its establishment in 2010 because of its superior safety and customer satisfaction. It is rich in trading brands and handling products, and is characterized by high overall strength. Pros 100% deposit bonus · cashback is quite good Has acquired many financial licenses Maximum leverage 1,000 times Employs highly transparent NDD STP method Automatic trading is also possible with MT4 Zero cut adopted Account funds guaranteed up to 5 million euros Support is polite Cons There are only 3 payment methods Account currency is only USD ...

Forex review

Land-FX Review|Reputation and Safety

"Land-FX" is a relatively new FX company established in 2013. The conditions such as transaction conditions and bonuses were very good, and the number of users increased rapidly as an advantage to MT4 automatic trading and scalping. However, although it is considered that scalping is welcomed from the outside, transactions that impose an excessive load on the server are prohibited, and there have been many cases in the past that resulted in withdrawal refusal, account freezing, etc. as a violation of terms of service. It is a contractor. Pros Lowest transaction costs in industry Campaign such as deposit 100% bonus ...

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