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FxPro is a long-established company among FX companies established in 2006.

With a capital of $ 100 million, more than 200 employees, the world's largest accounting firm "PwC" with external audits in Japan, and more than 610,000 accounts in 173 countries around the world, both business scale and management base are perfect.

However, spreads are wide and they are notorious for price adjustment.


  • Leverage up to 500 times
  • Abundant 69 kinds of currency pairs
  • Zero cut adopted, no additional certification
  • cTrader can be used
  • Highly transparent transactions by the NDD STP method


  • No bonus or campaign
  • Account of immediate settlement is a counter trade
  • Transaction costs are slightly higher
  • Cannot do ECN trade

As you can see, there are other vendors that do not have to choose FxPro.

FxPro Safety

Financial license acquired in 4 countries

Company FxPro Financial
Services Limited
FxPro Global
Markets Ltd.
FxPro UK
FxPro Global
MarketsMENA Limited
Location Cyprus Bahamas England Dubai
Financial license Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission
Bahamas Securities Commission
UK Monetary Behavior Watcher
Dubai Financial Services Organization
Japanese account opened × ×
Leverage Up to 30 times Up to 500 times Up to 30 times Up to 50 times
Bonus × × × ×
Warranty × ×

The FxPro Group acquires and provides financial licenses in four countries: Cyprus, Bahamas, United Kingdom and Dubai.

As Cyprus is a member of the EU, CySEC, as a member of the European Securities and Regulatory Commission (CESR), is responsible for the regulatory and supervisory role of MiFID.

As a result, Cyprus account leverage is up to 30 times at the maximum due to the impact of tighter regulations on European forex brokers.

On the other hand, Bahamas accounts can be traded with high leverage up to 500 times.

In this article, we will basically discuss the Bahamas account in order to compare it with other high-leverage trading partners.

Operating company FxPro Global Markets Ltd.
Location Bahamas
Representative Charalambos Psimolophitis
Financial license Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB)
Establishment 2006
Capital $100,000,000

The Bahamas has recently attracted attention as a new home from FX companies, and is a country with many US and European financial services companies.

In GDP, the financial sector is the second largest after tourism and it is a major source of income for the Bahamas.

Parliamentary democracy is enacted under the laws of the United Kingdom, money laundering regulations follow the rules of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and in the international business world, Bahamas-based companies are credible and seen favorable.

In addition, since the UK account holds an FCA license that is difficult to obtain because of high registration criteria, it can be said that the reliability of the group as a whole is extremely high.

Complete separation management and complete trust maintenance

FxPro fully manages commerce and client assets at major banks such as Barclays Bank PLC, Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland .

In the Bahamas account, foreign forex trading partners called IFCs are members of a fund where funds are exchanged among foreign forex trading partners, and in the event that the trading goes bankrupt, there is a mechanism to compensate for losses up to 20,000 Euros.

FxPro Reviews

Next, let's look at some of the word of mouth and reputation.

Word of mouth/ Reputation

Among the troubled traders and bad reputation traders, support is provided for “frauded traders who failed”, “lossy traders”, “traders who want to clear up the mess”, “the traders who are willing to keep the rules” Please note that some traders are not eligible.

Complaints about high price stands out

The reputation of the largest FX bulletin board "FPA (Forex Peace Army)" as "" isn't that great.

In addition, it seems that there have been occasional false reviews with compensation in the past, and FPA has issued many warnings to FxPro.

Since FPA is a neutral bulletin board, and evaluation is left to reviews from general users, it is unusual for FPA to respond to vendors in this way.

Therefore, we considered that the credibility of a well-rated review is low, and when we focused on bad ratings, "the rate may be largely different from other companies", "price operation", "intentional server Reviews on trader losses, such as slippage due to delays" were noticeable.


Features, Pros and Cons of FxPro

MT4 MT5 cTrader
Market Instant Fixed
Transaction cost Account Creation
Maintenance Fee
Transaction Fee
(Per 100,000 currency)
Free $4.50 one way
Spread Fluctuates 9 Stocks only
Trade condition Transaction form NDD STP
(Market payment)
(Immediate settlement)
(Market payment)
Leverage 500 times
Currency pair 69 stocks
Minimum transaction unit 1,000 currency (0.01 Lot)
Maximum transaction volume 10,000 Lot No limit
Order process One click, market, limit, stop, IFD, OCO, IFO
Cross trade
Trading tool Computer MT4
Smartphone MT4
Money management Margin
25% 40%
Loss cut 20% 30%
Zero cut
Deposits and withdrawals Initial deposit amount $500
Deposit fee Varies on deposit method
Withdrawal fee
Asset protection Separated management
Trust maintenance
Support Phone
Others ×
Demo account
Bonus ×

There is also an account of the type "FxPro Markets", no longer accepting new account creation.


There are many good points but the overall strength is low

The basic specs are: "Leverage up to 500 times", "69 kinds of currency pairs", "Zero cut adopted, no additional certification" and so on.

With regard to deposits and withdrawals, credit cards, bank remittances and online wallets are available, and fees are generated by the deposit and withdrawal method used, which is a very common service for forex companies.

The platform can be selected from three types: MT4, MT5 and cTrader, and highly transparent transactions by the NDD method are possible.

However, please be aware that there are 5 types of accounts, spread, transaction fee, and settlement methods all vary from each other, not just the platform.

Spread Fee Payment method
Fixed/ Fluctuates Markup Spread Width
MT4 market Fluctuates Yes Normal Free Market payment
MT4 instant Fluctuates Yes Wide Free Immediate settlement
MT4 Fixed Spreads Fixed Yes Wide Free Immediate settlement
MT5 Fluctuates Yes Normal Free Market payment
cTrader Fluctuates No Narrow $4.50 each way Market payment


In conclusion, the most recommended is the cTrader account.

The cTrader account is, as the name suggests, adopted cTrader as the platform.

cTrader is a platform that combines MT4 and MT5 and is said to have superior operability and functions, so it should be worthwhile to use FxPro alone.

However, FxPro has the following disadvantages and cautions, so it is not a high-level all-rounder type vendor.


Transaction costs are slightly higher than other companies

FxPro is slightly more expensive than other companies in transaction costs.

The comparison of the specific amount will be explained in detail later in "The best deal with transaction costs is cTrader account".

However, if you compare the same FxPro account, the cTrader account will generate a transaction fee of $ 4.50 (per 100,000 currency), but the spread will be the narrowest and the total transaction cost will be cheaper than other accounts. .

For MT4 Fixed Spreads account, only 9 spreads are fixed in principle, and other stocks and accounts are changeable, but there is not much difference in spread except cTrader account.

With the exception of cTrader accounts, spreads are set slightly wider instead of free transaction fees.


ECN trading can not be done

All FxPro accounts are in the form of NDD STP.

Therefore, the inability to support one of the mechanisms of the NDD method, "ECN Trading", is a major disadvantage of FxPro.

To briefly explain these two NDD methods, STP is a transaction with a financial institution called LP (Liquidity Provider), and ECN is an auction-type transaction with other users.

Generally, neither deal with the dealer's dealing desk and both order flow directly to the market, but the definition may differ depending on the vendor.

Please note that FxPro also has the following differences depending on whether the account settlement method is "market settlement" or "immediate settlement".

Market settlement

In market settlement, customer's orders flow directly to LP (liquidity provider) using STP technology.

However, there is a concern that slippage and re-quotes may occur due to a gap between the order price displayed on the trading screen and the execution price at which the order actually settles.

However, because there is no vendor intervention, the system is very transparent.

There are three types of accounts for market settlement: MT4 market account, MT5 account and cTrader account.

Immediate settlement

Immediate settlement, FxPro will first cover the customer's order.

Although there is no human intervention by the dealer's dealing desk, the trading partner is FxPro because it is actually OTC (counter-trade) using STP technology.

The immediate settlement account has the advantage that FxPro covers the customer's order, making it possible to fix the spread and reduce slippage and requests as much as possible.

There are two types of accounts for immediate settlement: MT4 instant account and MT4 Fixed Spreads account.

Those who value transactional transparency think that market settlement accounts such as cTrader accounts, and those who seek stable execution power on the contrary think that immediate settlement accounts are good.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this payment method, so it can not be generally said which one is better.

In the extreme, if you can make a profit, it will be fine with either payment method.

From opening FxPro account to deposit and withdrawal

Opening an account is easy but approval takes time

The following two points are necessary to open an account.

Required Documents

  • Image data of identity verification documents
  • Image data of address confirmation documents

Please refer to the following for the procedure method.

The required time is around 5 minutes, but it takes time to finish the approval of required documents than other companies, so please make sure that you have enough time.

Account opening procedure

Start at the top from the FXPro official site.


Select the applicable regulatory agency: CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK), SCB (Bahamas), and enter your email address, my Page password (more than 6 characters), your name (Romaji), and your country of residence. 


Enter your Address, Zip Code, Date of Birth, Contact Phone Number, your nationality with alphanumeric characters.


Please enter your employment status and economic status. 


Please enter your revenue source, fund source, remittance source country, remittance schedule and whether or not you have a US tax liability.


Please enter trading experience. Trading knowledge is a test. Please answer according to the above image. 


Please select your account type (platform), maximum leverage, account currency base and currency from the list below. 

Your wallet plays the role of a general bank account. Once the funds are deposited into your wallet account, you will be able to make a transaction by distributing to the trading account for each platform.

MT4 Fixed Spread can not select ZAR. "MT4" is the MT4 Market account. 


If you select "Yes" for "We will do the required document submission procedure for account approval now", the upload screen of identity verification documents and address certificate will be displayed. Please specify and upload the necessary file. 


Check whether you would like to subscribe to the mail list, check the agreement box and the "Done" button. The input items are above. 


If you log in to My Page, you can download the trading tool.


ID, password, server name to log in to the trading tool will be sent to the registered email address. 


NETELLER・Skrill required for deposit and withdrawal

Method of deposit and withdrawal Supported currency Time frame Fee
Deposit Credit / debit card JPY、USD、EUR
Usually within 10 minutes Free
Bank transfer JPY、USD、EUR
Within 1 business day Varies by
financial institution
Usually within 10 minutes Free
Withdrawal Credit / debit card JPY、USD、EUR
Within 1 business day Free
Bank transfer JPY、USD、EUR
Varies by
financial institution


There are three types of deposit and withdrawal methods available: credit card, bank remittance, and web money.

In FxPro, "NETELLER" and "Skrill" can both be used without any problems.

“NETELLER” and “Skrill” are fee to use WEB money and account reflection time is almost instant.

These two are becoming unavailable to many FX vendors due to the impact of global regulations.

The procedure is relatively easy as you just select the desired service from My Page and follow the instructions on the screen.

PayPal is currently unavailable (as of August 2018)


FxPro Terms and Conditions

69 Currency pairs

Currency pairs

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

Currency pairs are very abundant with total of 69 types of accounts.

In addition to currency, FxPro also handles a wide range of CFD products such as futures, indexes, precious metals, energy, etc.


Transaction costs are best for cTrader accounts

Floating spread accounts

MT4 Market
MT4 Instant
AUD/CAD 2.91 3.1 2.72 1.38
AUD/CHF 3.21 3.22 3.1 1.16
AUD/DKK 37.5 40.3 39.32 16.2
AUD/JPY 2.61 2.82 3.49 1.07
AUD/NZD 4.09 4.14 3.44 1.37
AUD/PLN 42.54 45.35 11.2 28.45
AUD/SGD 23.97 25.85 28 10.76
AUD/USD 1.6 1.81 1.59 0.66
CAD/CHF 3.27 3.38 3.01 1.3
CAD/JPY 3 3.23 3.17 1.56
CHF/JPY 2.69 2.88 2.68 1.43
CHF/PLN 29.81 31.66 26.98 14.6
CHF/SGD 24.15 24.81 22.18 13.63
EUR/AUD 3.64 3.67 3.49 1.21
EUR/CAD 3.28 3.33 2.72 1.43
EUR/CHF 2.7 2.85 2.49 1.21
EUR/CZK 23.2 25.3 25.81 12.58
EUR/DKK 20.53 21 50.01 5.71
EUR/GBP 1.55 1.7 1.58 0.57
EUR/HKD 28.27 31.06 31.14 15.49
EUR/HUF 206.03 224.18 220.55 114.54
EUR/JPY 2.19 2.49 2.3 0.79
EUR/MXN 95.87 97.72 78.01 49.89
EUR/NOK 51.91 52.77 39.22 23.36
EUR/NZD 5.19 5.26 5.01 2.19
EUR/PLN 38.44 38.94 34.54 11.71
EUR/RUB 435.93 402.11 400.05 174.07
EUR/SEK 43.53 45.11 37.56 12.83
EUR/SGD 18.17 20.17 20.47 8
EUR/TRY 14.57 20.55 14.99 10.41
EUR/USD 1.39 1.55 1.52 0.45
EUR/ZAR 100.36 101.2 90.96 34.93
GBP/AUD 3.51 3.66 4.33 1.94
GBP/CAD 4.64 4.83 5.83 2.92
GBP/CHF 3.56 3.64 3.59 1.66
GBP/DKK 51.65 51.52 34.37 26.67
GBP/JPY 3.14 3.41 3.43 1.39
GBP/NOK 58.62 58.52 48.01 20
GBP/NZD 7.08 7.27 7.19 3.28
GBP/PLN 41.58 44.36 42.81 13.15
GBP/SEK 68.06 68.92 76.77 19.23
GBP/SGD 25.65 27.68 41 10
GBP/USD 1.95 2.17 1.93 0.74
GBP/ZAR 170.03 170.38 174.89 53.27
NOK/SEK 9.19 9.74 4.98 7.43
NZD/CAD 3.87 4.08 3.09 1.76
NZD/CHF 4.29 4.48 5.22 1.6
NZD/JPY 4.84 5.03 3.01 1.7
NZD/SGD 23.56 25.54 29 10.47
NZD/USD 2.22 2.35 2.35 0.86
PLN/JPY 5.22 5.79 4.36 3.74
SGD/JPY 20.25 22.25 26 12
USD/CAD 1.88 2.1 1.81 0.74
USD/CHF 2.09 2.25 1.93 1.2
USD/CNH 32.24 20.21 8.3 13.2
USD/CZK 36.56 33.53 33 11.89
USD/DKK 22.31 22.67 16.28 6.91
USD/HKD 24.47 26.42 25.91 3.11
USD/HUF 179.96 197.85 158.82 80.72
USD/JPY 1.4 1.64 1.57 0.53
USD/MXN 76.46 78.26 59.76 38.51
USD/NOK 48.89 48.77 30.76 20.98
USD/PLN 25.6 27.43 23.75 7.22
USD/RUB 417.64 401.89 400.05 128.74
USD/SEK 45.6 45.75 31.76 10.78
USD/SGD 20.93 22.89 22.53 7.59
USD/THB 8 8 4 4
USD/TRY 10.7 12.56 10.52 8.2
USD/ZAR 92 95.87 78.93 39.45


Fixed spread accounts

MT4 Fixed Spreads(pips)
(UK Time)
(UK Time)
(UK Time)
market conditions
EUR/GBP 1.7 2 2.5 2.8
EUR/JPY 1.8 2.2 3 3.5
EUR/USD 1.6 1.9 2.5 2.7
GBP/JPY 2.7 3.3 4.5 5
GBP/USD 1.8 2.1 3 3.5
USD/CAD 1.8 2.2 4 4.5
USD/JPY 1.6 1.9 2.5 2.7
AUD/USD 1.7 2 4 4.5
NZD/USD 1.8 2.1 4 4.5

Average spread as of August 7, 2018

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

The spreads are the narrowest for cTrader accounts, and the other accounts are not much different.

If anything, fixed spreads (only 9 pairs) of MT4 Fixed Spreads account can only be used for risk aversion during sudden market changes.

Therefore, for accounts other than cTrader account, it is better to select based on fixed / varying, platform, and settlement method.

However, as mentioned above, overall cost is slightly higher compared to other companies' accounts.

MT4 Fixed
MT5 cTrader
Transaction fee
(One way)
Free Free Free Free $4.50
USD/JPY ¥130 ¥150 ¥160 ¥130 ¥129
EUR/JPY ¥200 ¥230 ¥180 ¥200 ¥209
GBP/JPY ¥290 ¥330 ¥270 ¥290 ¥239
EUR/USD ¥160 ¥180 ¥160 ¥150 ¥149


Standard Zero Standard Nano Standard Blade
Transaction fee
(One way)
Free $5 Free $3 Free $3.50
USD/JPY ¥170 ¥120 ¥130 ¥96 ¥110 ¥107
EUR/JPY ¥250 ¥170 ¥140 ¥106 ¥130 ¥137
GBP/JPY ¥300 ¥150 ¥180 ¥146 ¥200 ¥177
EUR/USD ¥180 ¥130 ¥120 ¥86 ¥120 97¥


The above is the transaction cost per 10,000 currency (spread Cost + round trip fee) The transaction fee is displayed as a one-way amount per 100,000 currency.


Sell ​​swap is high

Currency pair Long
1st USD/CHF 58 -114
2nd USD/JPY 37 -95
3rd NZD/CHF 30 -89
4th AUD/CHF 25 -89
5th GBP/CHF 25 -99
6th CAD/CHF 19 -90
7th NZD/JPY 16 -77
8th AUD/JPY 10 -75
9th USD/DKK 9 -145
10th USD/SEK 9 -151
11th CAD/JPY 3 -76
12th AUD/DKK 1 -101
13th GBP/JPY -1 -75
14th NOK/SEK -3 -13
15th SGD/JPY -3 -99
16th USD/HUF -5 -131
17th PLN/JPY -6 -32
18th EUR/CHF -14 -47
19th NZD/USD -16 -21
20th USD/CAD -16 -45
21st USD/HKD -16 -113
22nd NZD/CAD -19 -43
23rd USD/CZK -24 -88
24th AUD/USD -26 -14
25th USD/NOK -28 -106
26th AUD/CAD -29 -38
27th GBP/DKK -37 -140
28th GBP/SEK -37 -148
29th EUR/JPY -39 -25
30th AUD/NZD -40 -23
Currency pair Long
1st EUR/TRY -677 457
2nd USD/TRY -515 323
3rd EUR/MXN -413 198
4th EUR/ZAR -366 166
5th GBP/ZAR -369 139
6th USD/MXN -284 97
7th USD/ZAR -245 69
8th EUR/USD -114 52
9th EUR/RUB -448 44
10th EUR/NZD -136 37
11th EUR/AUD -123 25
12th CHF/SGD -155 16
13th EUR/CAD -119 14
14th GBP/USD -86 12
15th EUR/GBP -71 7
16th EUR/SGD -161 4
17th CHF/PLN -141 -1
18th GBP/NZD -111 -4
19th NOK/SEK -3 -13
20th AUD/USD -26 -14
21st EUR/PLN -144 -17
22nd GBP/AUD -96 -18
23rd NZD/USD -16 -21
24th AUD/NZD -40 -23
25th CHF/JPY -65 -24
26th EUR/JPY -39 -25
27th GBP/CAD -91 -30
28th PLN/JPY -6 -32
29th USD/RUB -316 -34
30th AUD/CAD -29 -38

Swap per 10,000 currency of August 7, 2018 swap (Yen).

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

There are many negative swaps overall, but the amount of sell swaps is relatively high.

Depending on the currency pair trading and the market conditions, medium- and long-term trading will be "acceptable".


Zero cut adopted, no additional certification

In FxPro, the margin maintenance rate at which the margin call/ loss cut fires differs depending on the platform.

For MT4, it is “margin call 25%, loss cut 20%”, and for MT5 and cTrader, “margin call 40%, loss cut 30%”.

In addition, there is no additional certificate because it uses a zero cut system for all accounts.


FxPro Trading Tools/ Apps

There are three types of trading tools in FxPro: MT4 (metatrader 4), MT5 (metatrader 5) and cTrader (C trader).

All have smartphone apps, so there is no problem trading on the go.

For those using a Mac

Although MT4 and MT5 are software only for Windows, FxPro can download installers for Mac, so it can be used as a Mac application.

However, for cTrader, use free software such as "PlayOnMac" to run it on a Mac, or use a browser type. If you use PlayOnMac, it may be garbled or not install well, so use it at your own risk.


Both MT4 and MT5 available







cTrader has some functional limitations

cTrader is a platform that has also been evaluated to exceed MT4 and MT5, and only a limited number of vendors are available.

Originally developed specifically for ECN trading, you can view board information as a standard, but with FxPro, the functionality is limited because ECN trading can not be performed.

However, the other functions, operability, and design are the same, and automatic trading is also possible (not compatible with MT4 and MT5).


FxPro Customer Support

There are 3 types of support: phone, email and chat

Available hours
Call center 24 hours on weekdays
Live chat

There are 3 types of customer support: telephone, email and chat, and are available 24 hours on weekdays.


FxPro Information Service

Video seminars and manuals are abundant

All trading tool manuals and seminars available to view on video.

News and blogs provide expert market analysis and insights, prospects, alerts and market snapshots.

Online webinars


Dealing support tool is complete

FxPro offers many useful support tools as well as trading tools and smartphone apps.

Even if you do not have the trading tool running, you can use the extension of Google Chrome that you can browse volatility, economic calendar, and market information.


In addition, as we have partnered with Trading Central, a leading provider of technical financial analysis, you can also access free trading Central's proprietary financial research and technical analysis by installing a dedicated plug-in on MT4.


Of course, an economic calendar is also available that allows you to check the predictions and results of key indicators.


Calculation tools such as loss cut, profit and fee are also convenient.


FxPro Campaign Bonus

There is no campaign bonus cash back

Currently, FxPro has not implemented any campaign, deposit bonus or campaign.

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