Tradeview Review|Reputation and Safety


Tradeview is a good choice for middle and advanced users with features such as "rich handling stocks", "narrow spreads", "low total cost", and "four platforms of choice."

Anyone who has a certain amount of money can do comfortable ECN trading in Tradeview's excellent trading environment.

In this article, I would like to thoroughly explain Tradeview's confusing trading rules, advantages and disadvantages, and firmly support them so that they can start trading smoothly.


  • Adopt complete NDD method
  • Abundant 71 trading stocks
  • The total cost is surprisingly low
  • Swap is high
  • No prohibited acts/trading restrictions
  • Maximum trading volume, unlimited position
  • 4 different platforms
  • $35,000 trust preservation
  • There is a demo account


  • Hard to understand account opening method and transaction rules
  • It is troublesome to add leverage change and account
  • Initial payment of ILC account is over $1,000
  • The loss cut rate is 100% the same as domestic companies
  • No campaign bonus

Tradeview's official site is here

Tradeview Safety

CIMA license

Operating company Tradeview Ltd
Location Cayman Islands
Representative unknown
Financial license Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)
Established 2004年
Capital unknown

Founded in 2004, Tradeview is a global broker based in the Cayman Islands.

Financial licenses are obtained from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and are based on the legal system of the United Kingdom.

Because CIMA is also a member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), it is a financial regulator that sets its credibility apart from offshore such as Belize and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Thorough segregated management and $35,000 trust preservation

The client's assets are completely separated from the operating funds and stored in the Santander Bank's account, under audit and control under a trust agreement with the external accounting audit organization "FundAdministration Inc.".

"FundAdministration Inc" is a financial institution that provides financial accounting, consulting, and management for business assets such as hedge funds, brokers and dealers, and funds of funds.

Customer funds will be traded funds after being confirmed based on AML measures by “Fund Administration Inc.”.

In addition, a trust preservation scheme has been adopted, and if the Tradeview fails, the funds are managed by the outsourcing money management agency and guaranteed up to $35,000 per customer.


Tradeview Reviews

Evaluation abroad is very high

"FPA (Forex Peace Army)" is a bulletin board only, and the rates, posted content, and “SCAM” certification of the reviewed vendors are not guaranteed at all.

In the largest FX bulletin board "FPA (Forex Peace Army)", Tradeview is highly rated as

Overseas, there are many positive evaluations on the ability to execute, spread, deposit and withdrawal, and the overall strength can be realized.


Features, Pros and Cons of Tradeview

Account type X leverage ILC
Account type Standard MT4・MT5 cTrader Viking
Account opening
Maintenance fee
Transaction fee Free $2.50 one way
(Per 100,000 currency)
Spread Variable system
Transaction form NDD STP NDD ECN
Leverage 500 times 200 times 200〜400 times
Currency pair 71 stocks
Minimum transaction unit 1,000 currencies
10,000 currencies
1,000 currencies
Maximum trading volume Unlimited
Maximum position
Order method One click, market, limit, stop limit IFD, OCO, IFO
Double house
Trading tool Computer MT4
Smartphone MT4
Margin call -
Loss cut 100%
Zero cut
Deposits and
Account currency USD/ EUR/ GBP/ JPY
Initial deposit amount $100 $1,000*
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee
Separation management
Trust maintenance
Support Call center
Live chat
Other -
Demo account × MT4 only ×
Bonus ×

*With balance in the account with no transactions for 6 months, incurs a $50 account maintenance fee. *The initial deposit for ILC account is $25,000 after 2018/8/1.


Recommendation is an ILC account for short-term trading

There are 2 account types: X leverage account and ILC account, and five account types: X leverage account is standard account, ILC account is MT4 account, MT5 account, cTrader account and Viking account.

Available platforms and transaction types are different for each account.

X leverage
- MT4

The leverage is The leverage is up to 400 times for standard accounts, cTrader accounts and Viking accounts, and up to 100 times for MT4 accounts and MT5 accounts.

The minimum trading unit for X leverage accounts is 1,000 currencies (0.01 Lot), starting from $100 first deposit.

The minimum trading unit of an ILC account is 10,000 currencies (0.1 Lot), with an initial deposit of $1,000.

Both accounts require more money than other companies, as there is no deposit bonus.

However, although the person in charge has avoided affirmation, it seems that flexibility other than MT4 and MT5 accounts is somewhat flexible and can be changed up to 500 times depending on the account balance.

In any case, changing the leverage or adding an account is a little more awkward as it requires a separate request via email.

Other trading conditions are very good, and it has many merits directly linked to profits, such as “71 kinds of currency pairs,” “total cost is surprisingly low,” “high swap”, “maximum trading volume and unlimited position”, etc.


High execution power with over 50 liquidity providers

The ILC account is highly competitive, with systems based on Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC) technology that offer the best price of over 50 liquidity providers.

Generally, ECN/STP vendors are called A-books, there is no conflict of interest between customers and vendors, and orders flow directly to Interbank. (The other vendor is B-book)

Even if it says interbank, the liquidity provider (liquidity provider) which forms it differs according to the vendor.

As such, the size and number of liquidity providers with which the vendor is a partner is an important point of being able to trade at favorable rates without refusal to execute.

With ILC accounts, you can also do demo trading on MT4, so you may want to check the tightness of trading and spreads.


True NDD contractor without prohibited acts/trading restrictions

Tradeview is officially approved for scalping and arbitrage because there are no prohibited acts/ trading restrictions.

Other companies have intervened NDD directly into their trading form, but in fact there are quite a few DD (tradition) vendors.

As such vendors tend to have strict restrictions on prohibited acts and trade restrictions, it can be said that Tradeview with no particular restrictions is a true NDD (STP, ECN) vendor.

Clearly separating spreads and transaction fees is another sign of transparency.


From Tradeview account opening to deposit and withdrawal

Please note the following two points when opening a Tradeview account.

  • Default leverage setting is 100x
  • You can not open an additional account without payment

After opening the account, the initial leverage change is set to 100 times, so a separate change of leverage request is required.

In addition, it is possible to own up to 5 accounts per person in Tradeview, but you can not open the second and subsequent accounts without making a deposit to the first account.

This also requires a separate account addition request.

Please note that these two requests can not be processed directly from the My Page created after opening an account, and you need to contact the support center by e-mail etc. to obtain the URL of the request form.


Account opening procedure

What you need to open an account is the following two items.

Required documents

  • Identification documents
  • Address confirmation documents

The identity verification documents are valid, such as "passport, driver's license, identification card, family register copy", and the current address verification documents are valid, such as "resident's card, utility bill, bank statement, credit card bill issued within 3 months" is.

Although the account opening form is only one page, there are many input items and many parts that are difficult to understand, so I will explain the detailed procedure below.

Account opening procedure

Start from the top of the website.


Select platform and account currency and enter all personal information in English or numeric characters. If you do not have a passport, it is OK to omit the passport number.

The selection menu of trading platform is a bit confusing. C-Trader-Viking Meta-Trader 5 is an ILC account. The platform of X leverage (standard account) is only MT4.


When "US citizenship and permanent residence is not available" is selected You will be asked to enter the number of your nationality, type of identification document, and identification document. Enter "Driver's license" if the type of identification document is a driver's license.


Please enter your annual income, assets and bankruptcy history.


Please select a source of income.


Please enter your investment experience.


Please enter the purpose of use.


Select the type and issuing country of the identification document, and upload the image data.


Use a mouse or touch pen to sign in a gray frame. Click on "Signature complete", check off the two boxes and click on "Submit" button to complete the procedure.


Then, wait for a while for approval to be completed.

Tradeview was flooded with account opening as of July 2018 Please note that it may take several days for the procedure to be completed and the login ID and password to be sent.


Abundant deposit and withdrawal method

Method of deposit and withdrawal Supported currencies Time Fee
Credit card/ Debit card JPY・USD・EUR・GBP・CAD
Same day Free
Overseas remittance JPY・USD・EUR・GBP・CAD
1〜2 business days
WEB money Neteller JPY・USD・EUR・GBP・AUD
Same day
mybitwallet JPY・USD・EUR・GBP
ePayments USD・IDR
TransferMate JPY・USD・EUR 1〜2 business days
Virtual currency BitPay BTC・USD Same day

Deposits and payments can be made by

In particular, the type of web money and the type of corresponding currency are abundant.

Select the deposit/ withdrawal from the top menu of My Page and perform the procedure.


Tradeview Terms and Conditions

71 types of currency pairs overwhelm others

Currency pair

+ Currency symbol

AUD: Australian Dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CLP: Chile Peso, CNH: Offshore Chinese Yuan, CNY: Chinese Yuan, COP: Colombian Peso, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR : Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar,  HUF: Hungarian Forint, IDR: Indonesian Rupiah, ILS: Israeli Shekel, INR: Indian Rupee, JPY: Japanese Yen, KRW: Korean Won, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PHP: Philippine Peso, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish Lira, TWD: Taiwan Dollar, USD: US Dollar, ZAR: South African Rand

Currency pairs deal with a large number of stocks with 71 types regardless of account or account type.

The minimum trading unit is the X leverage account of 1,000 currency (0.01 Lot) and the ILC account of 10,000 currency (0.1 Lot).


The narrowness of ILC account spreads is amazing

Currency pair Spread (pips)
X leverage ILC
AUD/CAD 3.3 1.1
AUD/CHF 3.3 1.2
AUD/JPY 2.9 0.9
AUD/NZD 3.2 1.2
AUD/USD 2.0 0.4
CAD/CHF 3.2 1.2
CAD/JPY 2.7 0.9
CHF/JPY 3.5 1.3
EUR/AUD 3.3 1.3
EUR/CAD 3.4 1.5
EUR/CHF 3.1 1.0
EUR/CZK 3.7 1.3
EUR/DKK 4.2 2.0
EUR/GBP 2.9 1.0
EUR/HKD 5.8 3.8
EUR/HUF 19.7 16.2
EUR/JPY 2.4 0.7
EUR/MXN 5.7 2.8
EUR/NOK 16.7 15.8
EUR/NZD 3.9 1.5
EUR/PLN 21.4 15.2
EUR/SEK 17.2 13.2
EUR/SGD 4.4 2.2
EUR/TRY 37.2 31.2
EUR/USD 1.8 0.3
EUR/ZAR 54.4 53.2
GBP/AUD 4.0 1.3
GBP/CAD 3.9 2.5
GBP/CHF 2.9 1.8
GBP/DKK 14.1 10.2
GBP/HKD 8.4 6.2
GBP/JPY 2.8 1.5
GBP/NOK 30.2 23.9
GBP/NZD 5.0 3.0
GBP/SEK 27.4 31.4
GBP/SGD 4.4 2.2
GBP/USD 2.3 0.8
GBP/ZAR 54.4 54.2
NOK/JPY 2.6 0.4
NOK/SEK 5.3 3.2
NZD/CAD 3.4 1.1
NZD/CHF 3.4 1.3
NZD/JPY 3.3 1.0
NZD/USD 2.8 0.5
USD/BRL 3.9 1.8
USD/CAD 2.6 0.8
USD/CHF 2.5 0.8
USD/CLP 8.0 3.1
USD/CNH 6.6 5.9
USD/CNY 7.1 4.7
USD/COP 885 721
USD/CZK 3.2 1.0
USD/DKK 5.8 3.6
USD/HKD 3.4 1.2
USD/HUF 13.4 10.2
USD/IDR 68.2 14.0
USD/ILS 19.2 17.0
USD/INR 5.6 3.5
USD/JPY 2.0 0.2
USD/KRW 8.0 7.0
USD/MXN 26.7 24.6
USD/NOK 19.1 17.4
USD/PHP 6.8 4.6
USD/PLN 14.4 13.2
USD/RUB 18.4 13.2
USD/SEK 16.7 15.1
USD/SGD 3.1 1.0
USD/THB 3.4 1.2
USD/TRY 12.2 9.0
USD/TWD 4.7 1.2
USD/ZAR 47.2 45.2

Spread as of July 19, 2018

+ Currency symbol

AUD: Australian Dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CLP: Chile Peso, CNH: Offshore Chinese Yuan, CNY: Chinese Yuan, COP: Colombian Peso, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR : Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar,  HUF: Hungarian Forint, IDR: Indonesian Rupiah, ILS: Israeli Shekel, INR: Indian Rupee, JPY: Japanese Yen, KRW: Korean Won, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PHP: Philippine Peso, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish Lira, TWD: Taiwan Dollar, USD: US Dollar, ZAR: South African Rand

If you look at the spread of X leverage account and ILC account, the narrowness of the spread of ILC account is amazing.

Transaction fees are free for X leverage accounts and $2.50 for an ILC account per 100,000 currency one way.

For clarity, compare the total cost, including spreads and transaction fees, with other companies.

Tradeview XM AXIORY titan FX
Xleverage ILC Standard Zero Standard Nano Standard Blade
Transaction fee
(one way)
Free $2.50 Free $5 Free $3 Free $3.50
USD/JPY ¥200 ¥75 ¥170 ¥120 ¥130 ¥96 ¥110 ¥107
EUR/JPY ¥240 ¥125 ¥250 ¥170 ¥140 ¥106 ¥130 ¥137
GBP/JPY ¥280 ¥205 ¥300 ¥150 ¥180 ¥146 ¥200 ¥177
EUR/USD ¥180 ¥85 ¥180 ¥130 ¥120 ¥86 ¥120 ¥97

Transaction cost per 10,000 currency (spread cost + Round trip fee). The transaction fee is displayed as a one-way amount per 100,000 currency. The spread is as of July 19, 2018 at 00:00.

Result is as below.

  • X leverage accounts are at the same level as XM, which has the highest transaction costs
  • ILC accounts are on par with "AXIORY", which has the lowest transaction cost

Some currency pairs such as USD / JPY are better than AXIORY.

Considering this low cost and the many platform options to be described later, Tradeview's ILC account is highly recommended for ECN transactions.


Swaps are high and favorable conditions for medium- and long-term trading

Currency pair Long
1st NZD/CHF 57 -113
2nd USD/CHF 42 -88
3rd AUD/CHF 38 -92
4th NZD/JPY 36 -78
5th USD/JPY 23 -62
6th CAD/CHF 21 -76
7th AUD/JPY 20 -61
8th NZD/CAD 12 -49
9th GBP/CHF 10 -81
10th USD/DKK 6 -12
11th USD/SEK 6 -7
12th CAD/JPY 5 -47
13th NZD/USD 5 -56
14th GBP/DKK 1 -9
15th EUR/HKD 0 0
16th EUR/SEK 0 -1
17th GBP/HKD 0 0
18th NOK/SEK 0 -3
19th USD/HKD 0 0
20th USD/NOK 0 -5
21st USD/SGD -1 -19
22nd GBP/SEK -2 -4
23rd USD/PLN -2 -2
24th EUR/DKK -3 0
25th AUD/CAD -5 -43
26th NOK/JPY -6 -18
27th USD/HUF -6 -33
28th EUR/NOK -7 -2
29th USD/CNH -8 -1
30th USD/MXN -10 2
Currency pair Long
1st USD/BRL -804 268
2nd USD/THB -172 84
3rd EUR/MXN -96 62
4th EUR/NZD -88 52
5th USD/TRY -81 43
6th EUR/TRY -110 43
7th GBP/NZD -81 42
8th EUR/AUD -70 25
9th GBP/AUD -60 20
10th EUR/CAD -66 20
11th USD/RUB -260 14
12th EUR/ZAR -27 13
13th GBP/USD -80 13
14th EUR/USD -98 13
15th EUR/PLN -25 12
16th USD/ZAR -19 10
17th GBP/ZAR -28 8
18th USD/ILS -14 6
19th GBP/NOK -57 5
20th GBP/SGD -95 3
21st USD/MXN -10 2
22nd AUD/NZD -29 2
23rd EUR/SGD -33 1
24th GBP/CAD -50 1
25th EUR/HKD 0 0
26th GBP/HKD 0 0
27th USD/HKD 0 0
28th EUR/DKK -3 0
29th USD/INR -214 0
30th USD/IDR -234 0

+ Currency symbol

AUD: Australian Dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CLP: Chile Peso, CNH: Offshore Chinese Yuan, CNY: Chinese Yuan, COP: Colombian Peso, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR : Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar,  HUF: Hungarian Forint, IDR: Indonesian Rupiah, ILS: Israeli Shekel, INR: Indian Rupee, JPY: Japanese Yen, KRW: Korean Won, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PHP: Philippine Peso, PLN: Polish Zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish Krona, SGD: Singapore Dollar, THB: Thai Baht, TRY: Turkish Lira, TWD: Taiwan Dollar, USD: US Dollar, ZAR: South African Rand

Swap per 10,000 currency of July 19, 2018 (Yen). Foreign currency denominations are converted into yen based on the prevailing rate delivered by Bloomberg, and fractions are rounded down. Note that this is slightly different from the swap actually granted.

Tradeview tends to focus only on scalping and day trading due to its low total cost, but it is also suitable for medium- and long-term trading as its swap points are quite high.


Strict money management, but zero cut

In Tradeview, there is no margin call and a loss cut fires at 100% margin maintenance.

The loss cut rules vary depending on the supplier, but many FX dealers generally use “margin call 50%, loss cut 20%,” etc.

Therefore, in order to prevent forced loss cut in Tradeview, you need to have enough funds in your account.

However, the zero cut system is firmly adopted, so even if a loss cut is triggered, there will be no more loss than the deposit amount.


Tradeview Trading Tools and Applications

Trading tool Type Compatible models
MT4 Download type Windows
Browser type General purpose
Apps iOS・Android
MT5 Download type Windows
Browser type General purpose
Apps iOS・Android
cTrader Download type Windows
Browser type General purpose
Apps iOS・Android
CURRENEX Download type Windows
Apps iOS


There are four platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader and CURRENEX.

However, standard account can only use MT4.

The most recommended of these is cTrader.

cTrader is a very good platform that also specializes in scalping, but there are still limited vendors available.

The ability to use cTrader is also one of the great advantages of Tradeview.


For those using a Mac

Both platforms are dedicated software for Windows, but you can run Windows software such as MT4 on Mac by using free software such as "PlayOnMac". However, since there are also garbled characters and sometimes installation is not successful, please use at your own risk. (Click here for details)


Valuation soaring cTrader specializes in ECN trading

cTrader features

  • We cope with Web version and smartphone, tablet
  • Markets, rollovers, double ups, bulk payment orders can be done with one click
  • You can also change the pre-order by double-up order, drag and drop on the chart
  • A variety of time axis, abundant technical analysis tools and depiction tools are standard installed
  • CBots using C # language, chart shooting function, sharing function with SNS
  • FIX API · cMirror compatible, cAlgo can automatically buy and sell
  • Supports mobile transactions with iOS and Android
  • Complete multilingual support

cTrader (C Trader) has a background that was originally developed exclusively for ECN trading, so compatibility with ILC accounts is outstanding.

As well as the graphical interface and ease of use, you can view board information as standard, so you can trade with the same amount of information as a professional trader.

Therefore, it is evaluated as "over MT4 and MT5".

However, as a matter of course, cTrader and MT4 and MT5 have different programming languages, so they are basically incompatible with automatic trading programs.

It's a bit cumbersome, but you can also use a dedicated tool to convert the language of your automated trading program.

There are still few companies that can use cTrader, but among major foreign companies, AXIORY has adopted.

Please refer here for the detailed specifications of cTrader.


You can use both standard MT4 and MT5

MT4・MT5 features

  • Capable of scalping
  • Supports automated trading and signal trading with EA
  • Various charts available for free
  • Multilingual complete support
  • Supports mobile transactions with iOS and Android

MT4 (MetaTrader 4) · MT 5 (MetaTrader 5) is an undisputed high-performance platform that specializes in discretionary trading and automatic trading developed by MetaQuotes.

As there are many traders who prefer MT4 which is older than MT5 which is the latest version, traders dealing with two versions old and new like Tradeview have increased recently.

Among major overseas suppliers, XM also uses MT4 and MT5.

The difference of the detailed specifications of the MT4 · MT5 is here please refer to also articles.


There are few users for professional CURRENEX

CURRENEX features

  • Interbank direct connection
  • Simple interface
  • Multilingual platform
  • Currenex's latest technology
  • Position-based for easy management
  • One click order, partial fulfillment possible

Viking Account Platform CURRENEX (Karinex) is a platform dedicated to discretionary trading that has received high praise from institutional investors worldwide.

Among the professional platforms, it is said to be the highest in the world.

However, at the moment, there are few users in Tradeview, and many traders use MT4, MT5, cTrader.

The reason is that since CURRENEX is a platform for discretionary trading, it can not be traded automatically like MT4, MT5 and cTrader.


Tradeview Customer Support

Business hours
Call center 24 hours, weekdays
Live chat

With Tradeview, you can receive 24-hour support on weekdays with call center, email and live chat.

Live chat is available from the English site here.

There are two call centers in the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong, but because the staff is limited, depending on the case, it will be possible to call back.

Therefore, in consideration of waiting time and telephone charges, it is better to request a callback from the beginning.

Callback requests can be sent from the English site here.


Tradeview Campaign Bonus

There is no campaign bonus

There are currently no Campaign Bonuses in Tradeview. (As of July 2018)

Rather than focusing on campaign bonuses and getting in on the beginners, it is true that your stance on the other side of the trading partner is the opposite, as commission income will increase if you strengthen the core trading environment and let the middle-seniors deal a lot.

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