FBS Review|Reputation and Safety


"FBS" is a notable vendor that is gaining in popularity because of the account type, rich bonus system, and NDD system that allows orders of 95% or more to be executed within 0.4 seconds.


  • Up to 3,000 times leverage (standard zero spread account)
  • Initial deposit from $1 (cents account)
  • Including the payment of 100% bonus campaign rich wealth
  • Highly transparent NDD scheme
  • For zero cut adopted
  • Trust preservation system supported


  • Few currency pair is and supports 37 stocks at the maximum
  • Transaction fee is high
  • Very few swaps
  • There are limitations to bonus accounts

The official site of FBS is here

FBS Safety

Financial license exempt and Trust preservation system

Operating company
FBS Markets Inc (Belize)
Representative unknown
Financial license IFSC
Founded Year 2009
Capital unknown

Foreign account of FBS is strictly monitored by the financial license of IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) in Belize and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) in Cyprus to strictly monitor compliance with laws and regulations. Because of that, it can be said that the credibility is very high.

Reliability of the FBS group itself is high and the best FX broker, Indonesia, Best FX broker and Southeast Asia, Best FX broker Thailand, and best international FX broker, because it has also won numerous awards, impeccable blue-chip companies as a broker It can be said.


FBS Reviews and Reputation

Next, let's look at some of the word of mouth and reputation for FBS.

Word of mouth/ Reputation

Among the troubled traders and bad reputation traders, support is provided for “frauded traders who failed”, “lossy traders”, “traders who want to clear up the mess”, “the traders who are willing to keep the rules” Please note that some traders are not eligible.

Divided evaluation due to great number of users

FPA (Forex Peace Army)" is a bulletin board only. The rates, postings, and “ SCAM ” certifications of the watchers are not guaranteed.

On the largest FX bulletin board "FPA (Forex Peace Army)", FBS is a fair evaluation with ""

The number of low and high-rated comments is very high, and you can see that they are used worldwide. As it is a matter of gain or loss, there is no choice but to have a certain number of low ratings in any good company.

However, surprisingly, each one of the comments is accompanied by a polite reply from the FBS official account as follows, and comments with low ratings are replied to with suggestions to resolve the issue.

It is surprising that customer support extends to such boards as well.

Since FPA is a very influential bulletin board, it seems to be a measure that is aware of its reputation, but it seems that such a response can not b easily written if it is a SCAM trader.


Features, Pros and Cons of FBS

Standard Cent Zero spread ECN
Account Creation
Maintenance fee
Transaction fee Free From $20 one way
(Per 100,000 currency)
$6 one way
(Per 100,000 currency)
Spread Variable system Principle fixed
(0 pips)
Variable system
Transaction form NDD STP NDD ECN
Leverage Up to 3,000 times Up to 1,000 times Up to 3,000
Up to 500
Currency pair 37 stocks 36 stocks 31 stocks 25 stocks
transaction unit
1,000 currency
0.01 Lot)
trading quantity
50 million currency (500 Lot) 10 million currency (1,000 Lot) 50 million currency
(500 Lot)
200 positions Unlimited
Order method One click, Market, Limit, Stop limit IFD , OCO , IFO
Double house
Computer MT4・MT5: Download type (Windows・Mac)
MT4・MT5: Browser type(Windows・Mac)
Smartphone MT4・MT5 (iOS・Android)
Margin call 40%
Loss cut 20%
Zero cut
Deposits and
Initial deposit
$100 $1 $500 $1,000
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee Varies by method
Support Call center ×
Live chat
Others -
Demo account
Bonus ×

The micro account and unlimited account are no longer available. Those who have already opened an account are not available at this time.


Up to 3,000 times leverage ! FBS is specialized in micro-transactions industry

First of all, FBS 's greatest feature is its excellent leverage in the industry, which is up to 3,000 times the standard and zero spread accounts.

The cents account has a maximum leverage of 1,000 times, but since the minimum deposit amount is 1 dollar and the bonus is substantial, it can be said that it is the most suitable vendor for small value transactions on the whole.

However, the currency pair is as small as 37 stocks (depending on the account type) at the maximum, and the swap is not so suitable for long-term trading as it is quite disadvantageous.

Many of the benefits of FBS have features that make it easy to fall into gambling with no money.

It's good to start Scalping Day Trading with a small amount of money, but avoid only trades that repeat loss cuts and additional deposits.

This is a pitfall only for loosely regulated foreign companies, so it is a question of trader's control and planning. In particular, be careful about 3,000 times the leverage of FBS.

The following is a brief summary of the features of the FBS account types, so please refer to them.

+ Standard account

Leverage up to 3,000 times the largest number of currency pairs, but due to wide spreads for free transaction fees, the total cost is slightly higher than other companies. Suitable for small amount trading.

+ Cent account

Other conditions are almost the same as the standard account with maximum leverage of 1,000 times. However, because the initial deposit is good from $1, it is suitable for people with a small amount of money.

+ Zero spread account

Leverage up to 3,000 times · Spread is fixed in principle to 0 pips , so at first glance attractive account. However, transaction fees, (depending on the currency pair) from the one-way 20 US dollars per 100,000 currency generated, the highest account total cost.

+ ECN account

A highly transparent account that uses ECN as the transaction format Transaction fees will take one-way six US dollars per all currency pairs 100,000 currency, total cost because the spread is also quite wide high to the next zero spread account. It is better to use other companies with better conditions as long as the ECN is the same because the currency pair is the smallest, 25 stocks, the first deposit is as high as $1,000, and the bonus is not eligible.


Concerns to unique to the FX trader has been cleared for now

Deposit assets of the account, the assets of FBS are clearly separated management, as well as any chance FBS goes bankrupt, funded by trust conservation system will received full refund.

Trading tools are available for both MT4 and MT5.

Since the zero cut system is also adopted, FBS bears the negative balance even if the account funds become negative due to rapid market fluctuations.

Deposits and withdrawals are easy and there are no reports of outstanding withdrawal problems.

Since FBS is a major user with many users worldwide, it is highly reliable, and it can be said that the uneasy part in using the FX company has been cleared for now.


Be careful when opening an account for bonus purposes

"FBS bonus is very generous!" is often said in word of mouth, but please be aware that you may not be able to withdraw money even if you earn a great deal because it is variously tied.

If you are a highly experienced person, you can also use the bonus to increase your military funding.

However, novice beginners can only benefit from certain bonuses.

In addition, in order to withdraw the benefit from the bonus, it is also necessary to make a normal transaction to clear the conditions for withdrawal of the bonus.

Even if you win with a bonus, it makes no sense to lose a regular transaction to withdraw the profit.

In some cases, it is possible that "it would have been better to trade normally without bonus," so be sure to keep this in mind if you are thinking of opening an account with a bonus.

For more details, we will explain later in the "FBS Campaign Bonus", but keep in mind that the bonus is "a trader's feed" to guide you to open an account.


From opening FBS account to withdrawal

The only document required is identification

Please prepare an "image data of identification card" before opening an account.

The ID card is valid for an ID card such as a valid passport or a driver's license issued by a public organization.

The procedure for opening an account is as follows.

Account opening procedure

  • 口座タイプ

Select account type, enter in full name in roman letters, select the account account currency from USD or Euro, check that you've read agreement on privacy policy, and click "Open Account".

The bonus account to be described later is either "$50 bonus" or "$123 bonus" and select MT5 dedicated account from "Cent MT5 " or "Standard MT5" respectively.


Set a password for logging in to My Page (personal area).


Information to log in to MT4 or MT5 is displayed, so please store this in a safe place. Contents other than the password will be sent by e-mail.


Click on the above mail link among the three mails that arrive. Please complete "Confirmation of E-mail Address".


Click "OK".


Suspicious Japanese is displayed, but if the country name is correct, please click on "Correct".


Since you are logged in to My Page, you must first authenticate the phone number.


Enter the phone number omitting the "0" at the beginning, and please click on "Get code".


Enter the authentication code that arrived, and please click "Confirm phone number".

It seems that the certification code does not often reach the users, and many people become frustrated when opening an account. As certification code does not arrive on weekends or outside business hours, please try again on a weekday.


Upload the image of the identification document.


Enter your ID number/date of birth, use the "file selection" button to uload image data of ID card. If the information is also displayed on the back, please upload the image data on the back. Multiple files can be selected.


The above mentioned mail will arrive and it will be queued for approval.


Finally, click "Profile Settings" on My Page.


Enter the address in roman letters and click "Save" to get started. Initial set up is complete.


mybitwallet is recommended for deposit and withdrawal

Method of deposit and withdrawal Supported
Timeframe Fees
Deposit Credit card
Debit card
Immediate Free
Bank transfer 5〜7 Business
WEB money mybitwallet JPY Immediate
PerfectMoney USD
15〜20 minutes
Cash U Immediate
Scratch cards
Withdrawal Credit card
Debit card
15〜20 minutes $1
Bank transfer 0.1%
(Min $10.50)
WEB money mybitwallet JPY Immediate Free
PerfectMoney USD
15〜20 minutes 0.50%

Deposit and withdrawal methods are common among FX vendors.

Bank transfer takes 5 to 7 business days to reflect the account.

Although the deposit fee in FBS is free, please be aware that the fee incurred at a financial institution is due at your own expense.

Using credit card/mybitwallet is recommended as the fee for deposit and withdrawal can be kept low and the reflection time is swift.

However, be careful that the payment method and payment method of FBS must be the same.

Here is a brief description of how to deposit credit cards, bank transfers, and mybitwallet with many users.


Deposit procedure

Click "Deposit" on the My Page menu.


Please select the desired deposit method.

+ Using credit cards

Select an account and enter the deposit amount in US dollars or Euros. Then click on "Pay Fund".

The only cards available are VISA credit and debit cards. The fee will be deducted from the card company, but FBS will reimburse you later.

Enter the card information and click "Pay Now" to complete.

+ Using overseas bank transfer

First, head to the financial institution displayed on the screen and please transfer money from the bank account with the same name as theFBS account. At that time, you will obtain "proof of payment" from the bank.

Return to the bank transfer screen again and check "I have paid already." You'll be directed to the above screen.

Select the account you want to deposit to. Please upload the image data of the proof of payment with "Select file" button, enter the amount of payment in US dollars or Euros, and click "Deposit funds". "Please remit to FBS account because the money was sent to designated account"means this is a request to deposit to FBS.

+ Using mybitwallet

Enter account and the amount and click "Deposit funds".

It will direct you to the mybitwallet login screen automatically. Please follow the instructions on the screen to complete the deposit procedure. (You will need to have created an account for mybitwallet beforehand).


FBS Terms and Conditions

Maximum currency pairs is 37

Standard Cent Zero spread ECN
USD/RUB - - -

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, RUB: Russian Ruble, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

The type of currency pair depends on the account type.

Standard account has the most 37 stocks, cent account has 36 stocks, zero spread account has 31 stocks, and ECN account has the 25 stocks.

Also, depending on the account type, you can trade CFD and virtual currency as well as foreign exchange.

Foreign exchange CFD Virtual currency
Zero spread -
ECN - -


If deciding factor is the spread or fee, see Standard/ Cent/ ECN accounts

Standard Cent Zero spread ECN
AUD/CAD 5 5 0 90 14 6
AUD/CHF 7 7 0 90 13 6
AUD/JPY 3 3 0 70 5 6
AUD/NZD 6 6 0 110 -
AUD/USD 0.8 0.8 0 30 0 6
CAD/CHF 2.3 7 0 90 14 6
CAD/JPY 4 4 0 80 8 6
CHF/JPY 7 7 0 70 9 6
CNH/JPY 24 24 0 30 -
EUR/AUD 11 11 0 70 14 6
EUR/CAD 6 6 0 110 12 6
EUR/CHF 7 7 0 70 6 6
EUR/CNH 20 20 0 30 -
EUR/GBP 1.5 3 0 30 6 6
EUR/JPY 3 3 0 30 5 6
EUR/NZD 7 7 0 160 -
EUR/TRY 55 55 - -
EUR/USD 0.9 2 0 20 0 6
GBP/AUD 5 5 0 110 21 6
GBP/CAD 7 7 0 110 70 6
GBP/CHF 7 7 0 80 12 6
GBP/JPY 4 4 0 80 11 6
GBP/NZD 6 6 0 90 -
GBP/USD 0.9 3 0 30 5 6
NZD/CAD 5 5 0 110 21 6
NZD/CHF 3.4 25 0 110 18 6
NZD/JPY 22 22 0 110 9 6
NZD/USD 4 4 0 40 6 6
USD/BRL 10 10 - -
USD/CAD 3 3 0 30 6 6
USD/CHF 7 7 0 80 5 6
USD/CNH 15 15 0 30 -
USD/JPY 2 2 0 30 3 6
USD/MXN 10 10 - -
USD/RUB 1000 - - -
USD/TRY 10 10 - -
USD/ZAR 20 20 - -

Spread as of 00:00 July 11, 2018. Fee is a one-way fee per 100,000 currency.

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, RUB: Russian Ruble, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

Standard accounts and cent accounts have almost the same variable spreads and are generally wide, so they can be considered as safe.

An account with a fixed spread in principle is a zero spread account. However, the zero spread account is, as the name suggests, the spread for all currency pairs is 0 pips , but be aware that the transaction fee is set very high.

ECN account, spread is surprisingly wide, will incur transaction fees at one-way 6 US dollars (per 100,000 currency).

Therefore, if considering the spread commission, it comes down to three options: Standard account, cent account or ECN account. Then, let's choose a trading account in considering of the transaction form and maximum leverage initial deposit amount.

For simplicity, we compared the total cost, including spreads and transaction fees, with other major overseas vendors.

Standard Cent Zero spread ECN
Transaction fee
(one way)
Free Depends on
the currency pair
USD/JPY ¥120 ¥120 ¥660 ¥162
EUR/JPY ¥150 ¥150 ¥660 ¥192
GBP/JPY ¥260 ¥260 ¥1,760 ¥232
EUR/USD ¥120 ¥120 ¥440 ¥132


Standard Zero Standard Nano Standard Blade
Transaction fee
(one way)
free $5 Free $3 Free $3.50
USD/JPY ¥170 ¥120 ¥130 ¥96 ¥110 ¥107
EUR/JPY ¥250 ¥170 ¥140 ¥106 ¥130 ¥137
GBP/JPY ¥300 ¥150 ¥180 ¥146 ¥200 ¥177
EUR/USD ¥180 ¥130 ¥120 ¥86 ¥120 ¥97

Transaction cost per 10 thousand currency (spread cost + round trip fee). Transaction fees are set forth the amount of the one-way per 100,000 currency.


Swap is cheap and is not suitable for long-term trade

Currency pair Long
1st NZD/CHF 45 -88
2nd AUD/CHF 27 -84
3rd NZD/JPY 16 -73
4th USD/CHF 14 -77
5th AUD/JPY 8 -67
6th CAD/CHF 6 -61
7th NZD/CAD 6 -57
8th NZD/USD 3 -55
9th AUD/USD 2 -39
10th AUD/CAD 1 -47
11th CAD/JPY -11 -45
12th USD/JPY -11 -60
13th GBP/CHF -15 -66
14th EUR/CHF -22 -47
15th USD/CAD -30 -36
16th USD/SGD -31 -29
17th AUD/NZD -38 -20
18th EUR/GBP -41 -32
19th EUR/JPY -48 -29
20th CHF/JPY -58 -17
21st GBP/JPY -61 -29
22nd EUR/CAD -74 0
23rd EUR/USD -74 2
24th GBP/CAD -93 10
25th GBP/USD -93 10
26th EUR/AUD -108 30
27th EUR/NZD -118 42
28th USD/MXN -131 60
29th CNH/JPY -133 34
30th GBP/AUD -133 46
Currency pair Long
1st GBP/NZD -152 67
2nd USD/MXN -131 60
3rd USD/BRL -410 57
4th GBP/AUD -133 46
5th USD/ZAR -199 43
6th EUR/NZD -118 42
7th CNH/JPY -133 34
8th EUR/TRY -367 33
9th EUR/AUD -108 30
10th USD/TRY -306 16
11th GBP/CAD -93 10
12th GBP/USD -93 10
13th EUR/USD -74 2
14th EUR/CAD -74 0
15th CHF/JPY -58 -17
16th AUD/NZD -38 -20
17th EUR/CNH -137 -27
18th USD/CNH -144 -27
19th USD/SGD -31 -29
20th EUR/JPY -48 -29
21st GBP/JPY -61 -29
22nd EUR/GBP -41 -32
23rd USD/CAD -30 -36
24th AUD/USD 2 -39
25th CAD/JPY -11 -45
26th AUD/CAD 1 -47
27th EUR/CHF -22 -47
28th NZD/USD 3 -55
29th NZD/CAD 6 -57
30th USD/JPY -11 -60

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, BRL: Brazilian Real CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, RUB: Russian Ruble, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: USD, ZAR : South African Rand

Transaction cost per 10 thousand currency(yen) as of July 10, 2018.


Zero cut recruitment and no margin call

In FBS, the margin call is activated at a margin maintenance rate of 40% and the loss cut is activated at a margin maintenance rate of 20%.

Because the zero cut system is adopted, if the loss cut is not in time and the account funds have become negative, the negative balance will be compensated entirely by FBS.


FBS Trading Tools/ Apps

There are two types of trading tool: "MT4" and "MT5"

Trading tools are two types of "MT4", "MT5".

Both allow discretionary trading and automatic trading by EA (Expert Adviser).

There is also a smartphone app, which is useful for trading on the go.

However, "MT5" only supports "cent account" and "standard account".

It is necessary to select "cent MT5 " or "standard MT5 " when opening an account.

In addition, in this two MT5 dedicated account, please be aware that CFD can not be traded.

For the specifications of MT4 and MT5 , please refer to the article here.


For those using a Mac

MT4 · MT5 is a Windows-only software but, since it is possible to download the Mac-only installer in the FBS, will be available as a Mac app.


FBS Customer Support

Available Business hours
Email Weekdays 15:00〜24:00
Live chat
Others -

Customer support, there are two types of e-mail and live chat, office hours are weekdays 15:00 to 24:00.

Customer service is very polite and very humble.


FBS Information Service

Daily delivery of the full market information

FBS is active in distributing information about the market.

Some foreign exchange news, daily market analysis, foreign exchange TV, economic calendar, etc. may not be localized, but all can be used free of charge.

Forex news

Forex news

Economic calendar

There are also free seminars and video lessons for beginners.


FBS Campaign Bonus

Strict withdrawal conditions on the benefits issued from the bonus

Bonus system of the FBS,

  1. Bonus only account
  2. Deposit bonus
  3. Cash back

It is classified into 3 types, and none of them are eligible for ECN account.

However, since there is very severe bonus terms and conditions, payment conditions, few people of beginners and funds, proceeding with an advantage using the bonus of ①② is, in my opinion.

It is common sense that the bonus system of any FX company has the merit of being able to trade without receiving money, but there is also the disadvantage that the bonus terms of use and withdrawal conditions are severe.

If you do not understand this condition well, misunderstandings such as "Can't withdraw money!" or "It's a fraud!" are likely to occur, and some may even say, "It is better to trade normally, not using a bonus."

In the case of FBS, it is recommended to utilize the ③ cash back option while continuing regular trading using one of the non-ECN accounts.

Bonus only account

You can start trading without making a deposit by opening the following 2 types of bonus dedicated accounts (bonus receiving and trading dedicated accounts using bonus) separately from the standard standard account and cent account.

  • Bonus USD $50 account
  • Bonus USD $123 account

These bonus only accounts each have different in terms of transaction from regular accounts.

Also, please be aware that the profits you earn in the bonus dedicated account can not be withdrawn unless you meet certain conditions.

Bonus If you open a $ 50 account, you will receive a $ 50 transaction bonus.

The terms of use are as follows.

  • Leverage is 500 times fixed
  • Other terms and conditions are the same as standard account
  • Only trading tool available is MT4
  • Bonus is 50 US dollars
  • Bonus Only available in the Bonus USD $50 account
  • No expiration date
  • The upper limit of the profit 500 US dollars
  • Able to add payment
  • Withdrawal conditions is that profit is above 2 Lot transaction + is $25 or more

In other words, "we will give you $50 to use for trading, but you cannot make more than $500 in profit".

The terms and conditions of trading are fixed at 500 times leverage , and the other terms are the same as standard accounts.

The benefit created by using $50 is limited, so additional payments will eventually be required. Also, the maximum profit is set at $500.

If you don't want to be bound by just $50, you should trade in a regular high standard leveraged Standard Account.

When you open a bonus USD $123 account, you will receive 123 US dollar transaction bonus.

The terms of use are as follows

  • Leverage is 2,000 times fixed
  • Other terms and conditions are the same as standard account
  • Only trading tool available is MT4
  • Bonus is 123 US dollars
  • Profit can not be used in the transaction
  • There is an upper limit to profits
  • Bonus expiration date is 7 days
  • Deposits and withdrawals, transfers of less than 7 days cannot be made
  • Account balance will reset if bonus is not used after 7 days, can only store profits, account type will be changed to a normal standard account
  • The conditions for profit withdrawal is "Total number of trades in the previous month excluding ECN account Lot number x 3"

In other words, there are extremely strict rules where "funds are only $123 ", "the trading period is only 7 days", and "a withdrawal condition of profit is the total number of lot trading lot of the previous month except ECN account x 3".

By the way, I can only deal the $123 received at 2 Lot (if leverage is 2,000 times or EUR/USD is $1.17).

Besides, this account does not allow additional payments.

You have limited profit put out in 2Lot, because you can only withdraw 6 US dollars worth in 2Lot, even if it becomes profitable to some extent in 7 days, in order to withdrawal the entire amount, it is necessary to earn the number of Lot in addition to the normal account.

In other words, it is a system where you can not profit by using only the bonus $123 account and leave.


Deposit bonus

By taking advantage of the 100% deposit bonus, it is possible to double the transaction funds.

There is no special bonus account, and we usually make a request to apply a 100% deposit bonus to the account.

However, please be aware that sending this request will automatically limit the account to 500 times its leverage.

The terms of use are as follows.

  • Bonus grant amount is 100% of deposit amount
  • Leverage is limited to a maximum of 500 times
  • Bonus maximum 20,000 dollar and allows full withdrawal of bonus and profit
  • Bonus of withdrawal is possible only if it meets necessary transaction Lot number (total bonus amount / 3)

For example, if you deposit $900, you will receive a $900 deposit bonus, and you will be able to withdraw all the bonuses and benefits.

However, in order to withdraw the bonus itself, it is necessary to trade over 300 Lot.

In other words, if the trading volume can continue to make a profit, it is a very good deposit bonus, but if the trading volume is low and only the additional deposit is done, the bonus that can not be withdrawn will accumulate.

If you want to return to a normal account, you will need to reach out to the support center separately.


Cash back

Depending on the transaction volume, you can get up to $15 cash back per Lot.

There is no bonus only account.

The terms of use are as follows.

  • Profit-taking, the loss cut, both offers cash back
  • Cash back amount depends on the currency pair

Using this method is very easy, just click on the account name on the dashboard of My Page to display the details screen and check the cash back box.

The cash back amount depends on the account type and currency pair.

+ Cash back amount

(US dollar)
(US cent)
(US dollar)
AUD/CAD 6 6 6
AUD/CHF 6 6 6
AUD/JPY 6 6 6
AUD/NZD 6 6 6
AUD/USD 2 2 2
CAD/CHF 6 6 6
CAD/JPY 6 6 6
CHF/JPY 6 6 6
CNH/JPY 6 6 6
EUR/AUD 3 3 3
EUR/CAD 6 6 6
EUR/CHF 2 2 2
EUR/CNH 6 6 6
EUR/GBP 2 2 2
EUR/JPY 2 2 2
EUR/NZD 6 6 6
EUR/TRY 4 4 0
EUR/USD 2 2 2
GBP/AUD 6 6 6
GBP/CAD 6 6 6
GBP/CHF 3 3 3
GBP/JPY 3 3 3
GBP/NZD 3 3 3
GBP/USD 2 2 2
NZD/CAD 6 6 6
NZD/CHF 6 6 6
NZD/JPY 6 6 6
NZD/USD 2 2 2
USD/CAD 2 2 2
USD/CHF 2 2 2
USD/CNH 6 6 6
USD/JPY 2 2 2
USD/MXN 6 6 6
USD/SGD 2 2 2
USD/TRY 6 6 6


Ample lottery and campaign contests

Other than bonus, FBS is very active in returning to traders, and depending on the number of deposit and trading lot , it will offer rewards such as iPhone X/ T-shirt /luxury car or invite to the trader party held abroad, and is very extravagant.

They also offer a free forex trading book and contests for betting money on demo accounts as well.

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