HotForex Review|Reputation and Safety


"HotForex" is a leading European forex broker that has been used by many traders since its establishment in 2010 because of its superior safety and customer satisfaction.

It is rich in trading brands and handling products, and is characterized by high overall strength.


  • 100% deposit bonus · cashback is quite good
  • Has acquired many financial licenses
  • Maximum leverage 1,000 times
  • Employs highly transparent NDD STP method
  • Automatic trading is also possible with MT4
  • Zero cut adopted
  • Account funds guaranteed up to 5 million euros
  • Support is polite


  • There are only 3 payment methods
  • Account currency is only USD / EUR

HotForex is a good choice for anyone who wants to trade in the bonus anyway with a high degree of credit .

HotForex official site is here

HotForex Safety

Financial license acquired in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating company
HF Markets (SV) Ltd.
(St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Representative unknown
Financial license Saint Vincent and the Grenadines FSA
Establishment 2010
Capital unknown

"HF Markets (SV) Ltd." is one of the subsidiaries of "HF Markets Group".

The company address is "Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, PO Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines."

This "POBox (or POB)" is a PO Box. In other words, the reality of “HF Markets (SV) Ltd.” is a paper company, and actually, it is another group company that operates.

In a country called Offshore including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the establishment of the International Business Company (IBC) to avoid such taxes is not particularly unique in the world.

The license for "HF Markets (SV) Ltd. " is acquired under this "St. Vincent and the Grenadines FSA" .

The other group companies have acquired the following financial licenses.

  • HF Markets (Europe) Ltd: Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission
  • HF Markets SA (PTY) Ltd: South African Financial Services Commission
  • HF Markets (Seychelles) Ltd: Seychelles Monetary Authority


Client assets are separately managed + guaranteed up to 5 million euros

Account assets are segregated and managed by banks such as MCB, BlueOrange and Ceska .

In the unlikely event of HotForex's failure , a civil liability insurance scheme of up to € 5 million will apply and the customer's assets will be guaranteed.

This insurance is one of the industry's foremost indemnifications covering a wide range of risks leading to financial losses such as errors, omissions, negligence and fraud.

>It can be said that the security of assets is quite high.



HotForex-Guesthouse Reviews

Overseas evaluation is FPA [star 4] and the highest level

"FPA (Forex Peace Army)" is a bulletin board only is. The rates, posted content, and “SCAM” certification of the watched vendor are not guaranteed at all.

The largest FX board " FPA (Forex Peace Army) " has received a very high praise as "[star 4]".

For comparison, good in particular reputation among major FX trader AXIORY - XM Considering that even in a "", you say that the top level of the superior skill in the art in the world, such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

If you comment , the high marks in terms of execution speed and support stand out.

The quality of English support is high.

By the way, there was also a comment that "HotForex is B-Book (the opposite trader whose trader and trader interests conflict: DD method)", but HotForex side claims that it is A-Book (NDD STP method).


HotForex Features, Benefits, and Disadvantages

micro premium ZERO FIXED VIP
Transaction cost account opening
Maintenance fee
Transaction fee
(one way)
free Major: $ 4
Other: $ 6
free Three dollars
+0.3 pips
Spread Fluctuation Fixed principle * Fluctuation
Terms and conditions Transaction form NDD STP method
Leverage Up to 1,000 times Up to 400 times Up to 200 times Up to 400 times Up to 300 times
Currency pair 51 stocks 27 stocks 51 stocks
Minimum transaction unit 1,000 currency
(0.01 Lot)
10,000 currencies
(0.1 Lot)
Maximum trading volume 5 Lot 60 Lot 80 Lot
How to order One click, market, limit, stop limit IFD, OCO, IFO
Double house
Trading tool computer MT4 (Windows · Mac)
Smartphone application MT4 (iOS · Android)
Money management Margin call 40% 50%
Loss cut Ten% 20%
Zero cut
Deposits and withdrawals Account currency USD, EUR
Minimum deposit amount $ 5 $ 500 $ 100 $ 500 $ 20,000
Deposit fee free
Withdrawal fee
Asset protection Separation management
Trust maintenance
support Call center
Email support
Live chat
Other Personal support
Demo account
Bonus × ×

※ SP = Strategy Provider ※ The spread of FIXD account is Although the principle is fixed at 99.73%, it may be greatly expanded at the time of indicator announcement.

Total of 9 account types! There are many options for trading conditions

Here, we will explain the important parts of HotForex as briefly as possible.

First, there are nine account types:

Click on the account name for the main features of each account.

+ micro account

Leverage up to 1,000 times Minimum trading unit 1,000 currency Free trading fee Most small trading account

+ premium account

Leverage up to 400 times Minimum trading unit 1,000 currency Free transaction fee Most standard account

+ ZERO account

Leverage up to 200 times · Minimum transaction unit 1,000 currency · With transaction fee · The narrowest spread · For small value transactions with reduced spread costs

+ FIXED account

Leverage up to 400 times · Minimum trading unit 1,000 currency · Free trading fee · Wide spread, but principle fixed · Currency pair less than other accounts 27 stocks · Small amount trading account

+ VIP account

Leverage up to 300 times · Minimum transaction unit: 10,000 currency · transaction fee + agent fee available · Spread is the same as ZERO account · personal support is available · transaction cost and support are better than ZERO account, but this one needs funds

+ AUTO account

Automatic trading account (The details are omitted because conditions are better for ZERO account and VIP account)

+ HFcopy account

Social trading copy trading account (special account, so details are omitted)

+ PAMM account

A PAMM account that entrusts the FX account to a third party trader and leaves it to be operated (as it is a special account, details are omitted)

+ Islamic account

Only for Muslims, micro, premium, AUTO, ZERO, VIP, FIEDX account (as it is a special account, details are omitted)

Vendors with many types of account types so far are quite unusual in the industry, but this article focuses on five of "micro premium · ZERO · FIXED · VIP account" which is the basis of discretionary trading and automatic trading.

As for AUTO account dedicated to automatic trading, automatic trading using EA is actually available for all account types except HFcopy account.

The trading conditions for ZERO / VIP account are "spread narrower", "diversity of trading platform", "maximum trading volume size is larger" than AUTO account , so there is not much merit to use AUTO account.

The five account types are not divided into types according to trading products, but are classified according to trading conditions such as maximum leverage spreads, trading fees and minimum deposit amounts.

Among these, FIXED accounts are expensive in average cost, so it is best to select from “micro account or premium account” or “ZERO account or VIP account” depending on the source funds.

Trading environment, safety, and campaigns are exceptional

The transaction format is NDD STP for all account types .

There is no ECN method.

The trading tool is the high-performance tool "MT4" adopted by many forex vendors.

In addition to discretionary trading, automatic trading using EA (Expert Adviser) is also possible.

If you use the MT4 smartphone app, you can also do discretionary trading on the go.

Besides, various trading support tools are available free of charge, so the trading environment and platform are perfect.

In addition, because the zero cut system is adopted, the loss balance will not be in time due to rapid market fluctuations, and if the account balance becomes negative, the negative balance will be borne by HotForex.

Even if HotForex fails, customer assets are guaranteed up to 5 million euros.

In addition, we have a bonus that can be used for trading according to the deposit amount, and a contest where you can receive goods and prizes on a regular basis, and you can get a positive stance on returning to the trader.

There are few payment methods, so the convenience is bad

So far, it has only merit, but HotForex, of course, has some disadvantages.

First of all, there are only three types of deposit and withdrawal methods, and the only account currency is the US dollar and the euro.

However, the response is polite and positive.


Deposit and withdrawal from HotForex account opening

All you need is ID and address card

Please prepare the following 2 points for account opening.

identification documents

  • Identification card image
  • Address certificate image

The ID card is valid "Passport face photo page, both sides of my number card, both sides of driver's license", and the address certificate issued within the last 6 months. Card usage statement etc. are valid.

Account opening is completed in three steps:

Please refer to the following for the procedure.


① Create myHotForex account and register basic information


Enter your account and personal information. Please select an account currency from "USD · EUR" and enter your name in Roman characters. The country code at the beginning of the phone number will be displayed automatically if you select your country of residence.


Select the mail reception setting and agree to the privacy policy Put a check.Enter the security question's answer and click "register".


Please click "Account activation" of the mail received at the registered mail address.


"myHotForex (My Page)" ID and password will be sent to the email. Click the link to myHotForex.


myHotForex will open automatically, so click the above button "click here".


Enter the remaining personal information in Roman characters.


Enter the purpose of opening an account, funds, employment status, etc. This question “Anticipated dollar amount to trade with us within the next 12 months” is asking how much money will be traded in the next 12 months. For these questions, "Does your current or past profession require you to undertake transactions in the financial markets?" "Have you ever been employed in the financial sector for more than a year in a professional position?" please select "No".



Enter your investment knowledge and experience. “CFDs (Forex, Metals, Commodities)” are FX / precious metals / commodities, “Other Derivative Products (Swaps, Futures, Options)” are trading experiences of other derivative products (swaps, futures, options) and their trading frequency and order quantity per transaction. “I have attended a seminar or course on CFDs or Forex.” is asking if you have participated in a seminar on CFD and foreign exchange.


Check the check items and click "Finish". Select “No” when asked “Are you a US citizen or US resident for tax purposes?”. This asks if you are taxable as a US citizen or US resident. Now, you have completed entering the information.


② Uploading required documents

Next, upload the required documents. Click "click here" again from the top screen of myHotForex.


Upload the images of identification and address proof prepared beforehand.


③ Creating and adding accounts

myHotForex From the top menu, "My Account" → "Account Please select "Open".


Select the account you want to open, leverage, account currency and signal. Please also select whether you plan to use the service and apply bonus, and click "Open Account". Account creation is completed now.


Login information such as ID and password of MT4 will be displayed. You will receive the same content via email. Repeat this procedure if you want to open multiple accounts. You can open up to 5 live accounts and 3 demo accounts.


Deposit and withdrawal fees are free but there are only few options

Method of deposit and withdrawal Minimum deposit amount Reflection time Fee
Deposit Credit card VISA $ 5 Up to 10 minutes free
Virtual currency Bitcoin About 10 minutes
Bitcoin cash
WEB money mybitwallet ¥ 1,000 Up to 10 minutes
Withdrawal Credit card VISA $ 5 2 to 10 working days
Virtual currency Bitcoin 1 to 3 business days
WEB money mybitwallet $ 20 Immediate reflection

On the official site, the debit card "Erectron" of VISA brand, Although MasterCard brand debit card "maestro" and HotForex master card are described as available, they are not available at this time. (As of July 2018)

There are only three payment methods: credit card, virtual currency, and mybitwallet, and direct bank transfer to HotForex is not possible.

However, although it takes some time, you can deposit money to mybitwallet's account by bank transfer via mybitwallet, and then you can make a deposit procedure from My Page, so there will be no problem for the moment.

If you want to deposit your cash and start trading as soon as possible, mybitwallet is the best.

Both deposits and withdrawals are free.


HotForex Trading Terms and Rules

Currency pairs are 27 kinds of FIXED account and 51 others

micro premium ZERO VIP account

Currency pair

+ currency symbol

AUD: AUD, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, JPY: Japan Yen, MXN: Mexican peso, NOK: Norwegian Krone, NZD: New Zealand dollar, PLN: Polish zloty, RON: Romanian Rei, RUB: Russian ruble, SEK: Swedish krona, SGD: Singapore dollar, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: US $, ZAR: South African Rand

FIXED account

Currency pair

FX currency pairs are 51 kinds of micro, premium, ZERO and VIP accounts, and 27 kinds of FIXED accounts.

There is also a handling of minor currency pairs that other companies do not have, and the types are abundant in the industry.

The leverage is up to 1,000 times for micro accounts, 400 times for premium and FIXED accounts, 200 times for ZERO accounts, and 300 times for VIP accounts.

If you have a small amount of money, you should have a micro account. If you have enough money and want to reduce transaction costs, you should have a ZERO · VIP account.

VIP accounts are suitable for beginners with personal support, but since the minimum transaction unit is from 10,000 currencies, they require more money than ZERO accounts.

FIXED accounts are generally fixed in principle, except when the index is announced, so they are suitable for people who can only trade in the open time zone of spreads.

In addition to FX, we also handle virtual currencies, stocks, precious metals, commodities, energy, indexes and bonds.

Such large selection of stocks and trading conditions is one of the great benefits of HotForex.


Total cost slightly higher for any account type

Currency pair Spread (pips)




AUD / CAD 3.3 1.7 4.0
AUD / CHF 3.8 1.2 5.9
AUD / JPY 2.2 0.8 0.3
AUD / NZD 3.9 1.3 5.6
AUD / USD 1.6 0.5 2.3
CAD / CHF 1.9 1.5 -
CAD / JPY 2.4 0.1 3.5
CHF / JPY 2.5 0.9 5.7
EUR / AUD 3.5 1.3 5.4
EUR / CAD 2.5 2.0 3.5
EUR / CHF 1.8 1.0 4.6
EUR / CZK 69.0 36.0 -
EUR / DKK 47.7 3.9
EUR / GBP 1.6 0.8 2.2
EUR / HUF 35.7 15.5 -
EUR / JPY 1.6 0.6 2.5
EUR / NOK 30.4 19.9 -
EUR / NZD 6.5 1.8 9.0
EUR / PLN 32.7 10.4 -
EUR / RON 50.8 50.0
EUR / USD 1.1 0.6 1.8
EUR / ZAR 114.6 82.6 -
GBP / AUD 4.3 2.4 5.9
GBP / CAD 3.9 2.1 5.4
GBP / CHF 2.6 1.7 6.5
GBP / JPY 3.3 1.1 4.2
GBP / NZD 4.7 2.3 9.4
GBP / USD 1.7 0.7 2.5
GBP / ZAR 230.0 160.0 -
NZD / CAD 5.4 2.1 8.1
NZD / CHF 4.1 1.1 7.3
NZD / JPY 1.9 0.9 4.0
NZD / USD 1.8 0.6 3.2
USD / CAD 2.0 0.7 2.7
USD / CHF 1.5 0.3 3.9
USD / CNH 10.0 3.0 -
USD / CZK 28.9 11.5
USD / DKK 13.7 6.5
USD / HKD 5.6 3.3
USD / HUF 31.3 17.9
USD / JPY 1.7 0.4 1.8
USD / MXN 74.4 44.7 -
USD / NOK 28.6 20.5
USD / PLN 33.6 9.4
USD / RON 45.8 45.0
USD / RUB 850.0 850.0
USD / SEK 26.8 18.7
USD / SGD 5.1 1.2
USD / TRY 29.7 17.1
USD / ZAR 148.2 98.1
ZAR / JPY 3.5 0.4

as of 5th July 2018 Spread

The spread depends on the account type as shown in the table above.

The transaction fee is as follows:

  • ZERO account: Major currency pair $ 4 one way, other currency pairs $ 6 one way
  • VIP account: All currency pairs $ 3 + agent fee 0.3 pips
  • Other accounts: free

Next, I included the above fees in the spreadsheet and compared the total cost with other companies.

Hotforex XM AXIORY titan FX
ZERO VIP FIXED Standard Zero Standard Nano Standard blade
Transaction fee
(one way)
free $ 4 Three dollars
+0.3 pips
free free $ 5 free $ 3 free $ 3.50
USD / JPY 170 yen 128 yen 136 yen 180 yen 170 yen 120 yen 130 yen 96 yen 110 yen 107 yen
EUR / JPY 160 yen 148 yen 156 yen ¥ 250 ¥ 250 170 yen 140 yen 106 yen 130 yen 137 yen
GBP / JPY 330 yen 198 yen 206 yen 420 yen 300 yen 150 yen 180 yen 146 yen 200 yen 177 yen
EUR / USD 110 yen 148 yen 156 yen 180 yen 180 yen 130 yen 120 yen 86 yen 120 yen 97 yen

Transaction cost per 10,000 currency (spread cost + Round trip fee). Transaction fees are displayed per 100,000 currency (one way).

You can see that some currency pairs are more advantageous than others, but some are more disadvantageous.

HotForex is generally more expensive than other companies.

However, if you look out for reliability and safety by using a company that is cheaper by the transaction cost, it may develop into unexpected troubles, so it is important for the FX company to make a comprehensive judgment.

HotForex is a high-performance contractor with a high level of safety and security, so it is possible to trade on the conditions that are worth the cost.


Swaps are small overall and unsuitable for long-term trading

Currency pair long
1st NZD / CHF 37 -128
2nd  AUD / JPY 27 -98
3rd NZD / JPY 25 -82
4th AUD / CHF 23 -114
5th NZD / CAD 23 -88
6th AUD / CAD 17 -69
7th ZAR / JPY 9 -25
8th USD / JPY 6 -68
9th CAD / CHF -1 -52
10th USD / CZK -5 -34
11th USD / SEK -5 -32
12th USD / CAD -8 -43
13th EUR / CHF -11 -50
14th GBP / CHF -11 -91
15th USD / CHF -11 -50
16th NZD / USD -13 -35
17th AUD / USD -19 -31
18th CAD / JPY -23 -39
19th USD / DKK -23 -50
20th GBP / JPY -26 -50
21st USD / CNH -27 0
22nd EUR / DKK -29 -22
23rd EUR / JPY -30 -37
24th GBP / CAD -30 -44
25th USD / HKD -30 -49
26th EUR / GBP -38 -24
27th EUR / CAD -40 10
28th USD / NOK -45 8
29th USD / RON -52 21
30th AUD / NZD -53 -1
Currency pair long
1st EUR / RON -89 67
2nd GBP / ZAR -288 64
3rd EUR / ZAR -238 57
4th EUR / PLN -83 40
5th USD / ZAR -163 33
6th EUR / AUD -118 32
7th USD / RON -52 21
8th EUR / HUF -78 19
9th USD / TRY -410 17
10th EUR / NOK -74 16
11th GBP / NZD -107 16
12th EUR / NZD -105 14
13th USD / MXN -1338 12
14th EUR / CAD -40 10
15th USD / NOK -45 8
16th USD / PLN -110 4
17th USD / RUB -349 1
18th USD / CNH -27 0
19th EUR / USD -80 0
20th GBP / AUD -142 0
21st AUD / NZD -53 -1
22nd GBP / USD -81 -3
23rd EUR / DKK -29 -22
24th USD / HUF -147 -23
25th EUR / GBP -38 -24
26th CHF / JPY -70 -24
27th ZAR / JPY 9 -25
28th USD / SGD -77 -30
29th AUD / USD -19 -31
30th USD / SEK -Five -32

per 10,000 currency of July 5, 2018 Swap (Yen).

Swap points are quite disadvantageous compared to other companies.

Because the amount is small and there are many negative swaps, it is not suitable for long-term trading.


Zero cut adopted, no additional certification

Because HotForex uses a zero cut system, loss cut does not function properly during market ups and downs, and if it becomes a negative balance, it is safe because the generated negative balance will be compensated by HotForex.

Micro accounts are margin call 40% and loss cut 10%, and other accounts are margin call 50% and loss cut 20%.


HotForex Trading Tools App

MT4 offers high-level discretionary trading and automatic trading

The trading tool is "MT4".

MT4 is an unsurpassed high-performance tool adopted by many forex vendors, which allows discretionary trading and automatic trading by EA (Expert Adviser).

You can trade on the go using smartphones and tablets.

The specs are slightly different in each company, but please refer to here .

For those using a Mac

Although MT4 and MT5 are software only for Windows, FxPro can download installers for Mac, so it can be used as a Mac application.

However, for cTrader, use free software such as "PlayOnMac" to run it on a Mac, or use a browser type. If you use PlayOnMac, it may be garbled or not install well, so use it at your own risk.

In addition to the high functionality of the underlying trading tools, HotForex has a wealth of support tools, including:

There is also an original app but you can not trade

Apart from MT4, the HotForex original app for iOS and Android devices has been released.

In addition to FX, this app is an app that allows you to check comprehensive information such as products, virtual currency, stocks, etc., such as rates, news, etc. at once, and manage cash deposits and withdrawals and accounts if you log in to My Page.

However, since “the chart is not functional” and “does not trade”, use MT4's smartphone app for trading on the go and use of full-scale charts.

  • Check rates in a list

  • View charts and news

  • Deposits and withdrawals, account transfers, etc. are also possible

The chart is compatible with 9 different time range, 3 types of charts, 4 types of technical, and horizontal display.


12 advanced trader tools can be used free of charge

HotForex is very rich in tools to support traders' trades.

As advanced trader tools, 12 kinds of trade support tools such as the following can be used for free.

However, the download requires a deposit of $ 200 or more for the last 30 days.

The chart automatic analysis tool "Autochartist" is also available for free.

"Autochartist" is one of the MT4 plug-ins provided free of charge to HotForex account holders.

By scanning the trader's watch list and alerting as soon as charts and Fibonacci patterns are identified, the trader's burden is reduced.

However, it is necessary to deposit more than 500 USD for the past 30 days to apply for use.


HotForex Customer Support

Available 24 hours on weekdays

Correspondence business hours
Call center Yes 24 hours a weekday
Live chat

The support is generally a wholesome and positive impression.

English support is available 24 hours a week.

Call centers are located in the United Kingdom, so it's a good idea to request a callback.

You can get in touch directly by entering the desired time in the inquiry form.

There was also a some murmur the response of the inquiry is slow in some cases, but this seems to be a relationship of business hours.

When I actually inquired, the response speed was normal, but the quality was very high and left with a good impression.

They were also able to assist with technical matters with care.


HotForex Information Services

Various market information that supports transactions can be viewed from the official site.

Webinars, video tutorials, education / e-courses, etc. can be used as educational services.


News and analysis site


Economic calendar


Trader board

Currency movement chart

Live chart




Trading position


Online Seminar and Guide


HotForex Campaign Bonus

Bonus (payment bonus · cash back)

When opening an account, you can select one of three types of bonuses for micro, premium and fixed accounts.

The conditions, the limit amount, the possibility of withdrawal, the presence or absence of cash back, etc. are different, so let's select according to the trade style.

100% super charge bonus (payment bonus + cash back)

You will receive a $2 rebate (cash back) for every 100% deposit bonus + one trade lot for each deposit of $250 or more (first deposit, additional deposit).

Only one trading account is eligible per HotForex account.

The 100% deposit bonus is capped at a maximum of $ 50,000. It can be used for trading but can not withdraw.

The maximum rebate amount is $ 8,000 . It can be used for trading and withdrawals are also possible.

However, rebates do not occur for positions closed within one minute. For positions closed within 2 minutes, 50% of the rebate amount is normally accrued. The minimum amount for rebate transfer is $ 5 or more.

Also, this bonus can not be used if the transaction is lost.

The transaction becomes negative, and when the margin reaches the deposit amount, the bonus amount is deducted from the trading account, and the transaction with unrealized loss is forced to be settled.

Please note that the bonus amount is also deducted when transferring funds from the trading account to the withdrawal request or the wallet account.


30% rescue bonus (payment bonus)

You will receive a 30% deposit bonus each time you deposit more than $ 50 (first deposit, additional deposit).

The 30% rescue bonus is not a bonus amount itself, but it is also a bonus available when the deal is headed for loss.

Only one trading account is eligible per HotForex account.

The maximum amount received is $7,000 and can not be withdrawn .

The maximum bonus amount is up to $7000, but if you get lost after receiving the rescue bonus amount of $7000, you will receive a 30% bonus for the additional deposit as a Stop Out Reward. It is possible to receive up to the dollar.


100% credit bonus (payment bonus)

A 100% credit bonus that can be received with multiple trading accounts within a single MyHotForex account.

Receive up to $150,000 in your MyHotForex account, up to $30,000 for a single trading account, and receive bonuses for more than $100 in payments (first and additional).

This bonus can be withdrawn if the transaction volume condition (1/2 lot of the bonus received amount) is satisfied and applied within 3 months.

Please note that the bonus amount will be deducted when transferring funds from the trading account to the withdrawal request or the wallet account.

Also, this bonus can not be used if the transaction is lost.

The transaction becomes negative, and when the margin reaches the deposit amount, the bonus amount is deducted from the trading account, and the transaction with unrealized loss is forced to be settled.

Please note that the bonus amount is also deducted when transferring funds from the trading account to the withdrawal request or the wallet account.


Trading reward (cash back, exchange with various services)

The “HotForex Bar” is a royalty program that can be redeemed for 35 dollars for $1 cash or HotForex service.

The 4 different grade levels are "red (6 bars per lot)" at the time of opening the account, but the longer the transaction duration it'll grow into "silver (8 bars per lot)" → "gold (10 bars per lot)" → "platinum (12 bars per lot)".

The reduction rate is not so high, but it is always held, so it is a great deal to save the bar as it is being traded.


Contest (Product / Prize)

HotForex regularly holds both real and demo accounts for luxury goods and prize winning contests.

People who ranked first in the "Checker Flag Contest", one of the contests, will be invited to the race experience at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK for free. Those rank in 2 to 5 would win prizes.

HotForex sponsors race drivers, but may not be paying a fairly high sponsor fee because it advertises in the most prominent place in the center of the body bonnet.

As a result of sponsoring activities, HotForex's original goods, and regular contests, etc., it can be seen that the management aspect is fairly stable.

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