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"Land-FX" is a relatively new FX company established in 2013.

The conditions such as transaction conditions and bonuses were very good, and the number of users increased rapidly as an advantage to MT4 automatic trading and scalping.

However, although it is considered that scalping is welcomed from the outside, transactions that impose an excessive load on the server are prohibited, and there have been many cases in the past that resulted in withdrawal refusal, account freezing, etc. as a violation of terms of service. It is a contractor.


  • Lowest transaction costs in industry
  • Campaign such as deposit 100% bonus is luxurious
  • Execution speed is amazing 0.035 seconds
  • Leverage up to 500 times
  • Automatic trading is also possible with MT4
  • Able to withdraw at ATM using prepaid card
  • Abundant 67 kinds of currency pairs


  • Financial license not registered
  • No trust maintenance, separate management only
  • Information on the official site is misleading
  • ECN account is not eligible for all bonus
  • Swap is cheap

Land-FX official site is here

Land-FX safety

Financial license

Operating company
LandFX UK Ltd.
Representative unknown
Financial license unregistered
Establishment Year 2013
Capital unknown

First, Land-FX has many sales offices in United Kingdom, China, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and so on.

Among them, "LandFX UK Ltd. (UK)", which is based in the United Kingdom, has acquired a financial license of the United Kingdom Monetary Conduct Authority (FCA).

The FCA is registered with many financial institutions in the United Kingdom and is famous for its extremely strict screening (registration number: 709866).

Land-FX has acquired this FCA license, taking into consideration the past experience in FSP, so it can be said that it is now a very reliable FX company.

It has also won numerous awards.


Client assets are separated management only

Regarding the asset protection of customers, the official site clearly states that it is affiliated with CASS (Customer Funding Regulations), Financial Services Insurance Organization (FSCS), and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

CASS (Customer Funding Regulations) is one of the regulations of the FCA that is strictly controlled to enable quick return of customer assets in the event of a vendor failure.

The Financial Services Indemnification Agency (FSCS) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) are the world's top investor protection services.

Client assets are compensated up to £50,000 by FSCS.


Land-FX Reviews and Reputation

Let's look at some of the reviews and reviews about the Land-FX.

Word of mouth/ Reputation

Among the troubled traders and bad reputation traders, support is provided for “frauded traders who failed”, “lossy traders”, “traders who want to clear up the mess”, “the traders who are willing to keep the rules” Please note that some traders are not eligible.

Evaluation is fair with FPA

"FPA (Forex Peace Army)" is a bulletin board only is. The rates, posted content, and “SCAM” certification of the watched vendor are not guaranteed at all.

The evaluation on the largest FX bulletin board "FPA (Forex Peace Army)" is a reasonable evaluation such as "".

If you ask for comments, some people have very high ratings, while others say they are SCAMs (scammers), and the ratings vary.

However, although it is very difficult to identify this area, it seems that there will be no problem if it is a certain number of highly-rated vendors.

It may be inevitable that the evaluation of the individual is extremely divided in this way, as it is related to gain and loss.

Extreme bad reputations, especially word of mouth using the terms SCAM and fraud, are highly likely to be defeated, rule violators and misfortunes.


Features, Pros and Cons of Land-FX

Live account LP Bonus account ECN account
Account Creation
Maintenance fee
Transaction fee Free $3.50 one way
(Per 100,000 currency)
Spread Fluctuates
Transaction form NDD STP method NDD ECN method
Leverage 500 times 200 times
Currency pair 67 stocks (currency only) 63 types (currency only)
Minimum transaction unit 1,000 currency (0.01 Lot) 10,000 currency (0.01 Lot)
Maximum trading volume
(per order)
3 million currency (30 Lot)
Order method ワOne click, Market, Limit, Stop limit, IFD , OCO , IFO
Double house ◯ (same account only)
Trading tool Computer MT4 (Windows)
Smartphone MT4 (iOS・Android)
Margin call 50%
Loss cut 30%
Zero cut △ (Examination required)
Deposits and
Deposit fee Free
Withdrawal fee Varies by method
Asset protection Separation management
Trust maintenance ×
Support Call center
Live chat
Demo account


ll trading accounts have low total cost

There are three types of Land-FX trading account types, all of which can significantly reduce transaction costs.

Live account Leverage up to 500 times
No transaction fee
Normal spread
LP Bonus account Same conditions as Live account
No transaction fee
100% deposit bonus target
ECN account Leverage up to 200 times
There is a transaction fee
Very narrow spread


Live account · LP bonus account is a small trading account because the minimum transaction unit is 1,000 currency · leverage maximum 500 times · transaction fee free.

The transaction format is NDD (STP), and the spread is wider than ECN, but “free fee, high execution power, execution speed is a remarkable feature of 0.035 seconds”.

It is a fairly advantageous account as a whole.

ECN accounts require some funds because the minimum transaction unit is 10,000 currencies and leverage is up to 200 times.

It uses the NDD (ECN) method and spreads are narrow as far as possible, but transaction fees occur at $3.50 per 100,000 currency.

However, in terms of the total cost, this is also a very good deal among major FX vendors.


Specifications such as transaction conditions, deposit and withdrawal method are advanced

The basic specifications of Land-FX are quite high, and both discretionary trading and automatic trading can be traded under quite favorable conditions.

There are as many as 67 kinds of currency pairs available, and in addition to currencies, CFDs such as precious metals, energy and indexes are also possible. (63 types of ECN accounts)

As mentioned above, transaction costs are considerably better than other companies, and have a good reputation.

As it supports zero cut, Land-FX will bear the negative balance when the loss cut is not in time. (With examination)

The trading tool is "MT4" familiar to FX vendors. You can trade comfortably on your smartphone.

However, swap points are not so suitable for long-term trading as they are quite disadvantageous.

Live accounts and LP bonus accounts are subject to various bonuses depending on conditions, but note that ECN accounts do not apply to any bonus.

Apart from this point, there are so many types of deposit and withdrawal methods like credit cards, debit cards, bank remittances, web money, etc. can be used in one pass, making it a very easy-to-use vendor.

All deposit fees are free and fees will be charged depending on the withdrawal method.

In addition, while many prepaid cards issued by other companies have been suspended due to restrictions, "Land-FX prepaid cards" issued by Land-FX can be used without any problem at present. (As of June 2018)

This is very convenient because withdrawals can be made at ATMs such as 7-11.


Is it really an NDD method? Or is it a DD method?

Land-FX has features such as "free commissioning", "high execution power", "narrow spreads" and "excessive scalping ban" and also has a review saying "there are many disadvantageous slippages". The rumor has been scolded among traders.

There is no way to confirm this because detailed data such as the execution rate is not released.

It will be important to trade while being aware of the authenticity of this area.

In fact, it's pretty crisp, but the secret of this fast deal is that it's in server consolidation by partnering with Equinix, Amazon, RousTech, and PrimeXM.

However, in the case of "there are a lot of disadvantageous slippages", there is also the possibility that "Our face was an NDD system but actually it was a DD system."

Even when we inquired to Land-FX, it answered that "We are definitely NDD (STP · ECN) method".

If it is said so, it is until then.

In either case, there is no problem as long as there are frequent "adverse slippage and stop hunt damage", which directly cause the trader's disadvantage.

At the moment, there seems to be no noticeable damage, but some reputations and reviews can not be completely ignored.


From opening a Land-FX account to deposit and withdrawal

Required documents are ID and residence certificates

The account opening method is almost the same as a general overseas company.

First of all, please prepare the following documents required for account opening, deposit and withdrawal.

Identification documents

  • Identification card image data
  • Residence certificate image data

The ID card can be used as "Passport, driver's license, photo card, etc." in which the photo, signature, date of issue, expiration date, passport number etc. are clearly displayed.

The residence certificate can be used for "payment, tax payment certificate, resident card, family register copy, credit card, bank statement, health insurance card" etc. issued within 3 months.


Account opening procedure

The procedure for opening an account is very easy and is as follows.

① Start from Land-FX official site TOP.


②Select "Personal/ Corporate". Type of account is "Live account · LP bonus account · ECN account", currency type is "JPY · USD", leverage is "1 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 · 200 · 300 · 400 · 500 times (ECN Choose from up to 200 times).


③ Please enter your name (Romaji), gender, nationality, date of birth.


④ E-mail address, mobile number, home phone number (if you don't have one, enter your mobile number), country of residence, address (in Roman characters) and postal code, and click "Next".


⑤ Enter the IB number if applicable.


⑥ Enter the asset and occupation.


⑦ Upload your ID and residence certificate and add your signature.


⑧ Check the terms and condition that you've read the policy and agree to the policy and click "Next".


⑨ The registration is now complete.


⑩ You will receive an MT4 ID and password via email. Read-only passwords are generally used when disclosing account status to third parties. After that, please download MT4 and login.


⑪ Log in from the official site TOP of Land-FX.


⑫ Please enter your ID and password.


⑬ Login is complete. You can add an account from the button above.


Various payment methods available! Able to withdraw from ATMs with prepaid cards

Method of deposit and withdrawal Possible currencies Fee
Deposit Credit/ Debit card JPY, EUR, USD Free
Bank transfer JPY, EUR, USD
WebMoney EUR, USD
Withdrawal Credit/ Debit card JPY, EUR, USD Free
Bank transfer JPY, EUR, USD $45
WEB money STICPAY JPY, EUR, USD $0.30 + 2.5% of withdrawal amount
WebMoney 0.8%
PerfectMoney EUR, USD 1.99%
Land-FX prepaid card JPY ATM: 1% of withdrawal amount
(Min. 20 HKD)

Official site also uses WEB money such as Neteller and Skrill Although it is described that it can be done, please note that it is not available at present. (As of June 2018)

The payment method can be selected from credit card, debit card, bank remittance, and WEB money, and all fees are free.

Withdrawal charges are all incurred except for credit and debit cards.

Method of deposit and withdrawal Minimum deposit amount Time
Deposit Credit/ Debit card ¥10,000 Within 1 hour
Domestic bank transfer Live account: ¥30,000
Others: ¥50,000
On weekdays until 15:00, during the day
Overseas bank transfer Usually within 1 to 2 business days
STICPAY $5 Immediate
WebMoney ¥10,000 Within 1 hour
PerfectMoney ¥10,000
Withdrawal Credit/ Debit card Usually within 1 to 2 business days
Bank transfer
STICPAY Immediate
Land-FX prepaid card Amount reflected on the card: 2-3 business days
ATM: Immediate payment


Please note that the deposit fee will be free only for deposits above the minimum deposit amount.

As for the reflection time, if it is WEB money, both deposit and withdrawal are reflected almost immediately, but other deposit and withdrawal methods take some time to reflect.

Also, I think the point that you can withdraw with a prepaid card is a big advantage of Land-FX.

Land-FX prepaid cards are MasterCard brand prepaid cards that allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs such as Seven Eleven.

Besides, it can be used for shopping and online payment at a member store normally.

Application is possible from my page, but there are some card issuance conditions.

First of all, the application requires a Land-FX account balance of at least $50.

Prepaid cards require a minimum deposit of 500 HKD (about 7,000 yen), ATM withdrawal fee is 1% of withdrawal amount + minimum 20 HKD (about 280 yen), membership fee is 10 HKD (about 140 yen) monthly from the 13th month, All of them require a 4% exchange fee.

In addition to the above fees, the card shipping fee is $35 (approximately 3,800 yen) and it takes about 3 weeks to arrive.

Currently, due to stricter regulations on forex companies, many forex companies are often unable to use their own prepaid cards.

Land-FX prepaid cards are not a problem at the moment, but please be aware that they may eventually become unusable. (As of June 2018)


Procedure of deposit and withdrawal

From the My Page upper toolbar and select "Payment" or "Payout". Please select the desired deposit method, and click the "Apply" button. After that, enter information such as the amount of money, and follow the instructions on the screen.


Land-FX terms and conditions

67 kinds of currency pairs and is normal

Currency pair

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, ILS: Israel Shekel, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish krona, SGD: Singapore dollar, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: US dollar, ZAR : South African Rand

Currency pairs are 67 types of Live account and LP bonus account and 63 types of ECN account.

ECN account does not handle 4 currency pairs of "EUR / RUB / NOK / SEK / USD / ILS / USD / RUB".

The transaction units are 1,000 currencies (0.01 Lot) for Live and LP bonus accounts, 10,000 currencies (0.1 Lot) for ECN accounts, and 3 million currencies (30 Lot) per order for maximum trading volume.


The low total cost is also top class in the industry

Live account/ LP bonus account

Currency pair Spread
Currency pair Spread
EUR/JPY 1.4 GBP/MXN 97.2
AUD/CAD 3.3 GBP/NOK 52.1
AUD/NZD 2.8 GBP/PLN 38.4
AUD/USD 1.5 GBP/SEK 50.6
EUR/AUD 2.5 GBP/TRY 49.2
EUR/CHF 1.4 GBP/ZAR 79.4
EUR/CZK 775.0 NOK/SEK 9.4
EUR/DKK 10.5 NZD/CAD 3.4
EUR/HKD 12.8 NZD/SGD 4.4
EUR/HUF 9100.0 NZD/USD 2.0
EUR/MXN 259.5 USD/CAD 1.4
EUR/NOK 32.5 USD/CHF 1.4
EUR/NZD 3.9 USD/CNH 16.4
EUR/PLN 22.4 USD/CZK 713.0
EUR/RUB 2320.0 USD/DKK 17.2
EUR/SEK 21.6 USD/HKD 2.4
EUR/SGD 3.9 USD/HUF 7910.0
EUR/TRY 37.8 USD/ILS 159.4
EUR/USD 0.9 USD/MXN 80.8
EUR/ZAR 67.4 USD/NOK 20.9
GBP/AUD 2.6 USD/PLN 48.0
GBP/CAD 2.9 USD/RUB 1514.0
GBP/CHF 2.9 USD/SEK 20.4
GBP/CZK 466.4 USD/SGD 2.1
GBP/DKK 31.7 USD/TRY 30.9
GBP/HKD 31.7 USD/ZAR 57.3
GBP/HUF 1,899.4


ECN Account

Currency pair Spread
Currency pair Spread
EUR/JPY 0.3 GBP/HUF 1420.0
AUD/CAD 0.8 GBP/MXN 59.6
AUD/CHF 0.7 GBP/NOK 44.8
AUD/USD 0.5 GBP/PLN 45.5
CAD/CHF 0.7 GBP/SEK 47.6
EUR/CAD 1.4 GBP/TRY 84.4
EUR/CZK 727.0 GBP/ZAR 66.2
EUR/HKD 13.0 NZD/SGD 2.2
EUR/HUF 8430.0 NZD/USD 0.5
EUR/MXN 203.3 USD/CAD 0.6
EUR/NOK 13.5 USD/CHF 0.7
EUR/PLN 23.2 USD/CZK 669.0
EUR/SEK 15.9 USD/DKK 12.0
EUR/TRY 35.0 USD/HUF 7370.0
EUR/USD 0.4 USD/MXN 28.9
EUR/ZAR 52.2 USD/NOK 18.7
GBP/AUD 1.4 USD/PLN 68.6
GBP/CAD 1.7 USD/SEK 19.6
GBP/CZK 419.0 USD/TRY 65.3
GBP/DKK 23.2 USD/ZAR 55.2
GBP/HKD 30.0

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, ILS: Israel Shekel, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish krona, SGD: Singapore dollar, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: US dollar, ZAR : South African Rand

Spread as of June 26, 2018

ECN accounts have low spreads but transaction fees occur at $3.50 per 100,000 currency.

It may be a bit difficult to imagine, so we compared the total cost of each account with other companies.

As a result, the transaction costs of Land-FX, which was well - received by word of mouth, are in fact also very favorable.

Land-FX XM AXIORY titan FX
Live・LP ECN Standard Zero Standard Nano Standard Blade
Transaction fee
(one way)
Free $3.50 Free $5 Free $3 Free $3.50
USD/JPY ¥100 ¥97 ¥170 ¥120 ¥130 ¥96 ¥110 ¥107
EUR/JPY ¥140 ¥107 ¥250 ¥170 ¥140 ¥106 ¥130 ¥137
GBP/JPY ¥170 ¥167 ¥300 ¥150 ¥180 ¥146 ¥200 ¥177
EUR/USD ¥90 ¥117 ¥180 ¥130 ¥120 ¥86 ¥120 ¥97

Transaction cost per 10,000 currency (spread cost + Round trip fee). Transaction fees are displayed per 100,000 currency (one way).

Live account and LP bonus account are better than other companies in USD / JPY / EUR / USD.

The ECN account is the lowest overall cost next to the most competitive AXIORY nanospread account.

Swap points are cheap and not suitable for long-term trading

Currency pair Long
1st USD/JPY 23 -102
2nd USD/CHF 4 -14
3rd USD/DKK 3 -11
4th USD/SEK 3 -11
5th NZD/CHF 2 -10
6th AUD/CHF 1 -10
7th NZD/JPY 1 -8
8th AUD/JPY 0 -7
9th CAD/CHF 0 -8
10th NOK/SEK 0 -1
11th USD/HUF 0 -11
12th USD/ILS 0 0
13th USD/NOK 0 -7
14th CAD/JPY -1 -7
15th EUR/CHF -1 -10
16th GBP/CHF -1 -12
17th GBP/DKK -1 -9
18th GBP/SEK -1 -9
19th NZD/CAD -1 -5
20th USD/CAD -1 -6
21st AUD/CAD -2 -4
22nd GBP/JPY -2 -9
23rd NZD/SGD -2 -6
24th USD/CZK -2 -10
25th AUD/NZD -4 -3
26th EUR/DKK -4 -5
27th EUR/JPY -4 -6
28th EUR/SEK -4 -5
29th GBP/HUF -4 -10
30th GBP/HUF -4 -10
Currency pair Long
1st GBP/TRY -59 32
2nd EUR/TRY -53 29
3rd EUR/RUB -453 29
4th GBP/MXN -38 19
5th EUR/MXN -36 18
6th EUR/ZAR -36 17
7th USD/TRY -37 17
8th GBP/ZAR -38 16
9th USD/MXN -23 8
10th USD/ZAR -23 7
11th EUR/NZD -14 4
12th EUR/AUD -13 2
13th EUR/USD -14 2
14th USD/RUB -39 2
15th USD/ILS 0 0
16th EUR/NOK -8 0
17th EUR/PLN -12 0
18th GBP/AUD -12 0
19th GBP/USD -12 0
20th GBP/NZD -13 0
21st EUR/HKD -14 0
22nd NOK/SEK 0 -1
23rd EUR/CAD -8 -1
24th EUR/SGD -12 -1
25th AUD/USD -5 -2
26th CHF/JPY -7 -2
27th EUR/GBP -8 -2
28th AUD/NZD -4 -3
29th NZD/USD -4 -3
30th GBP/CAD -8 -3

+ currency symbol

AUD: Australian dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, CHF: Swiss Franc, CNH: Offshore Renminbi, CZK: Czech Koruna, DKK: Danish Krone, EUR: Euro, GBP: British Pound, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, HUF: Hungarian Forint, ILS: Israel Shekel, JPY: Japanese Yen, MXN: Mexican Peso, NOK: Norwegian krone, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, PLN: Polish zloty, RUB: Russian Ruble, SEK: Swedish krona, SGD: Singapore dollar, TRY: Turkish lira, USD: US dollar, ZAR : South African Rand

Swap per 10,000 currency as of June 22, 2018 (Yen).

Swaps are quite disadvantageous compared to other companies


Zero cut adopted, no additional certification

In Land-FX, the margin call activates at a margin maintenance rate of 50% and the loss cut at a margin maintenance rate of 30%.

Even if the loss cut is not in time and the account funds have become negative, the zero cut system allows Land-FX to bear the entire negative balance.

However, examination is necessary.

Other companies do not have a review in particular, and negative balances are a bit of anxious as there are many places where the vendor automatically bears the burden and the account funds are reset to zero.

Land-FX is thoroughly alerted about the zero cut and the abuse of the bonus, so it seems that there has been frequent abuse damage in the past.


Land-FX Trading Tools App

Trading tool is "MT4"

As the trading tool, we use the so-called high-performance tool "MT4" adopted by many forex vendors, which enables discretionary trading and automatic trading by EA (Expert Adviser).

There is also a smartphone app, which is useful for trading on the go.

The specs are slightly different in each company, but please refer to here.


For those using a Mac

MT4 is a Windows-only software, but you can run Windows software such as MT4 on a Mac by using free software such as PlayOnMac. However, since there are also garbled characters and sometimes installation is not successful, please use at your own risk (Click here for details).


Land-FX Customer Support

There are 2 types of support: phone and email

Available Business hours
Call center 24 hours on weekdays
Live chat × 24 hours on weekdays

Call center and email support is available 24 hours on weekdays.


Land-FX Information Service

Information service offers English market information only

Land-FX only distributes market information in English, and does not provide other services that support transactions, such as information services and seminars.


Land-FX Campaign Bonus

One of the attractions of Land-FX is its rich bonus system.

However, please be aware that ECN accounts are not eligible for any bonus.

The bonus is described in detail in the following article, so here is a brief introduction to the three typical bonuses.

10% deposit bonus (Live account)

Live accounts receive a 10% deposit bonus up to a maximum of 300,000 yen for initial deposit 30,000 yen or more (ECN account and LP bonus account are not eligible).

The bonus itself is not that great, but you can withdraw this deposit bonus.


Recovery bonus (Live account)

When a loss cut is activated on a Live account, you will receive a loss relief bonus that cashes back 5% of the initial deposit (ECN account and LP bonus account are not eligible).

The condition is that "the first deposit is over 30,000 yen and the balance due to loss cut is less than 3,000 yen".

Therefore, if you open a Live account, you can make the best use of this bonus if you make a deposit more than the first time.

However, the recovery bonus can only be used once, and you can not withdraw the recovery bonus itself.

Also, please note that the deposit bonus/ recovery bonus needs to satisfy the following transaction conditions.


100% deposit bonus (LP bonus account)

For LP bonus accounts , 100% deposit bonus up to 500,000 yen is granted for each deposit of 10,000 yen or more. (Live account, ECN account not included)

Unlike the bonus on Live account, the bonus is given not only to initial deposit but also to additional deposit.

However, you can not withdraw the bonus.

In addition, please note that the entire bonus will be invalidated when making a partial withdrawal or transfer of funds.

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