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Here you will find the follow up of the Workshop on the 4D Nucleome: Functional Nuclear Organization in Space and Time that was held in Mainz (Germany) from Wednesday June 12 to Saturday June 15, 2013. The workshop gave plenty of time for informal discussions in small groups. You will find the outcome of these discussions, and additional information, here.

Also discussed during the workshop was the opportunity of setting up an international research consortium on the nucleome. Ways to fund such an initiative were explored. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you need more information on this subject.

We thank all participants for having actively taken part in what, we hope you will agree, turned out to be a very stimulating workshop. What comes now promises to be as exciting and stimulating!

With best regards,

Scientific Organizers Local Committee

Christoph CREMER

Christoph CREMER



Thomas RIED


Christian LANCTÔT